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Special for those riders 9 and under, with a paid membership, you can compete the entire season and pay zero entry fee!


2014 / 2015 Season Schedule (Times and dates subject to change )  

New for the 2014/2015 season, you may now register online for all events for $25 each event. Registration closes at midnight on the Thursday prior to the event weekend. Same day registration is available for $35.00 per event. Take advantage of Online Registration and save $10.

                              Instructions to register online

Go to, navigate to the "Events" tab, Go to the drop down box and choose "Regional Events Schedules", Go to the Series drop down box and choose "Southern California Series" then click search and choose the venue you would like to participate in.... Avoid the registration lines at the lodge and save the additional $10 for same day registration.

               Get in some practice and take a few warm up laps!







Onsite Registration is $35 and will run from 8:00 to 9:30 to pick up race bibs, lift tickets and last minute registrations.


Onsite registration will close promply at 9:30 am on competition days

$25 entry fee for members if paid online, $35 the day of registration.

$25 plus Full membership for non members if paid online, add $10 for same day registration.

Discount lift tickets available for competitors 

Helmets are required to compete at all USASA Events



 Click the blue current schedule (CURRENT SCHEDULE)



 2014/15 Season is fast approaching, get your membership now and save $



The 2014/15 Chuck Allen Scholarship Applications and National Assistance Award forms are now ready for download on the USASA Main page under the Foundation Tab, all riders invited to the Nationals are encouraged to apply.

doc Download the 2014 Chuck Allen Scholarship Award Request Form   

 pdf Click here to download the National Assistance Award application



  The following are the National dates for the upcoming seasons and will be hosted by Copper Mountain Resort, CO

    March 28 - April 7, 2015   March 26 - April 5, 2016 and April 1 - April 11, 2017



Planning dates for the 2014 National Championships are as follows:

Snowboarding Nationals:
Early Bird Registration, Friday, March 27th
Practice and Opening Ceremonies, Saturday, March 28th
Competition, Sunday, March 29th thru Thursday, April 2nd
Weather Day, Friday, April 3rd

Skiing Nationals:
Practice and Opening Ceremonies, Saturday, April 4th
Competition, Sunday, April 5th thru Tuesday, April 7th
Weather Day, Wednesday, April 8th
Additional information:
Lodging discount codes for all athletes, families, etc. that will be attending nationals...
 Copper Lodging:  866-837-2996
USASA Discount Code:  145 or just reference USASA as the group when making reservations.
There are athletes who are pre-qualified for nationals, so you can now begin making your travel plans and receive discounts when doing so.


More informaiton to follow shortly!!!!!

Another great season is upon us! Want to compete? All of our USASA point-rated events can lead to a direct seed into the USASA National Championships set for Copper Mountain, Colorado. Here's how it works, simply win your age division and an invitation is yours! We offer 26 different age divisions (13 for men and 13 for women). Skiers are invited to participate and earn an invitation to the Nationals for Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and SkierCross. Our events are held at the Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, Snow Valley, CA, and Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, CA. 


About the venues:


Slopestyle is a judged event where riders take two judged runs through a terrain course. Best single run score counts towards final result. The course consists of 4-5 "feature" pads usually splt evenly between jumps and rails. Each pad consists of 2-3 options for different ability levels. Skiers and Riders compete within age groups.

Rail Jam is a judged free form jam format event through a series of rails. The course consists of several feature pads of rails. Each pad consists of 2-3 options for different ability levels. The Riders and Skiers "jam" within age groups usually for 30-45 minutes, with a "finals" jam at the end of the day usually for the Open Class. Competitors are ranked within the age group based on the duration of the session. 


BX/SX is head to head heat racing through a gated terrain course with the top skiers and riders advancing to the next round. The events consist of, first, a one run timed run. The timed run seeds the riders within their age groups. The competitors then race 4 at a time with the top two finishers advancing in a "round robin" tournament elinimation style.


Halfpipe is a judged event with each rider or skier taking two runs through the u-shaped tube. The competititors are judged overall impression on amplitude, difficulty, variety, and overall flow. Best single run score counts for overall ranking.

Giant Slalom:

A traditional timed racing event for riders only. Riders negotiate a medium/large radius gated course, racing against the clock. Two timed runs combined establishes overall ranking. Riders must complete both runs without a "fault" to receive overall ranking. Unlike other events, there is no practice session, but riders do have a period to "inspect" the setting of the course to devise a "line" strategy. Slalom:

Same format as GS,  however the gates are closer together 12-20 meter vertical spacing.

Who are these events for....


Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Boarder/skiercross and Rail Jams are open to both snowboarders and skiers. Slalom and Giant Slalom are Snowboard specific events.  We encourage all ages, adaptive action sports athletes, wounded warriors, all abilities.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Important Information

Check your Helmets

The use of an APPROVED FOR SNOWSPORTS USE ASTM 2040 / CE 1077B/CPSC will be required before you are allowed to participate in the contest. 

No "dude" or "dude whats up with that"...........get the right lid on your head, I don't want to have to be telling you "10 cent helmet - 10 cent head".  I highly recommend you get a new APPROVED FOR SNOWSPORTS USE helmet .

Shown below are a few of the companies that make approved helmets.  They'll have a sticker inside stating "APPROVED FOR SNOWSPORTS USE & the ASTM 2040 / CE 1077B/CPSC tags.  Some manufacturers make both types, Bern for example makes the BAKER in a Hard Hat which is NOT APPROVED and also an EPS Foam Model that Seth Wescott wears which is APPROVED. 

Talk to the guy or gal in the shop, be sure they show you the sticker that says its approved before you lay down your cash,  cause if you show up wearing a helmet thats not approved, you're gonna be a DNS!

If you've got any questions, please write me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  but this is a pretty simple requirement, for your own protection, its not an option! I'd hate to have your folks and yourself show up to the Nationals and you get a DNS because you don't have the correct helmet. That would be such a bummer !

  Competition Fees include:

  • USASA Membership - You must be a USASA Member to compete. Click the links above to Join the USASA or if you are a returning Member, Login to renew.
  • Discounted Competitor Lift Tickets are available for $25.00 (subject to change).
  • A per event entry fee applies. Breakfast and lunch may be included at every event! Plus a huge prize pool at every event! Medals to 3rd place.
  • Need more info? Check out our event schedule at for any schedule changes as we do not update changes on this site.

Free Skiers Welcome!

If you didn't already know.  The USASA allows for skiers become members and enter Slopestyle, Halfpipe. Skiers have their own divisions seperated by age groups and gender.  Be sure to tell all your friends when your in the park that they too can compete and join in on the fun.  See you on the hill!

Event Information

  • Event registrations are held at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit Resorts, Snow Valley Resort and Mountain High West Resort Lodge 
  • Registration begins at 7:00 am and continues to approx. 9:30 am the morning of the event.
  • Pre-registrations are not accepted at our venues.
  • Lift tickets are at a discounted price (If you already have a pass you are ahead of the game)
  • Cash or personal checks drawn on local banks are accepted as the form of payment for the events. (There is an ATM in the lodge for your convenience) returned checks will result in temporary blocking your membership status until full restitution of the NSF is received.
  • Depending on WiFi reception, Credit cards may be accepted.
  • Helmets are required for all USASA point rated events.
  • Each Competitor is required to know all of the rules of the USASA (read the Rule Book!).

How do I Qualify for the Nationals?

To qualify for the USASA 2014 National Championships, TO BE HELD AT COPPER MTN, COLORADO, you must fulfill one of the criteria listed below:

  • Be pre-qualified from last year (Won 1st place at the last Nationals) and compete in at least half of this seasons events.
  • Win the top overall points in your age division per discipline.
  • You may qualify for the USASA Nationals in single disciplines, for example; HalfPipe, SlopeStyle, Giant Slalom, Slalom, or BoarderCross®.
  • On occassion the first place points leader may not want to participate at the National Championships, therefore the 2nd place points leader is offered the seat.
  • The National Ranking system will then determine the next rider in-line for an open slot in an age group and venue.
  • It is advisable that you may need to travel to another series outside to gain an additional amount of points to raise your positioning on the National Ranking System

Why do we have two events with the same date?

This question has been asked quite a few times, the answer is quite simple. Being residents of Southern California we have been blessed with having a limited number  of days on the snow each season and being required to have a minimum number of events for athletes to be eligible for the National Ranking System, we must double up events on certain days to meet the criteria.  Therefore, on certain competition days we hold two separate events.



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