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Appalachian Series





2014 Nationals App Series Nationals Top 10s

13 Medals!

Shannon Branthoover-1ST-HP
Shannon Branthoover-1ST-SS
Shea Bouchard-10TH-SS
Chandler Peddle-3RD-SS
Joe Landa-3RD-GS
Joe Landa-3RD-SL
Warrick Blandford-10TH-GS
Warrick Blandford-7TH-SL
Heather Femia-2ND-GS
Kaylie Neal-8TH-GS
Kaylie Neal-10TH-SS
Kaylie Neal-3RD-HP
Kaylie Neal-9TH-BX
Kaylie Neal-10TH-SL
Kaylie Neal-5TH-Overall
Ale Hakala-1ST-BX
Jeff Brier-1ST-BX
Mel Diaz-1ST-SL
Mel Diaz-3RD-BX
Mel DIaz-1ST-GS
Adam Parker-8TH-BX
Adam Parker-8TH-RJ
Shiloh Kestel-4th-BX
CJ Magnotti-8TH-GS
CJ Magnotti-7TH-SL
Jacob Landa-7TH-GS
Adam Nock-9TH-SS
Peter Mueller-1ST-BX
Paige Ryan-8TH-RJ

Jan 5 Rail Jam #1 @ Whitetail RESULTS
Jan 26 Slopestyle #1 and Rail Jam #2 @ Snowshoe Slopestyle 1 Results  / Rail Jam 2 Results
Feb 8 SL #1 & GS #1 @ Bryce Resort GS 1 RESULTS Slalom 1 RESULTS
Feb 9 SL #2 & GS #2 @ Bryce Resort GS_2 RESULTS Slalom 2 RESULTS
Feb 22 HP #1 & SS #2 @ 7 Springs Halfpipe 1 Results  Slopestyle 2 Results
Mar 7 BX/SX #1&2 @ Holiday Valley BX SX 1 RESULTS BX SX 2 RESULTS
Mar 8 BX/SX #3&4 @ Holiday Valley BX SX 3 RESULTS BX SX 4 RESULTS

Registration Information
You must be a member of USASA to compete in any event. Memberships are available online (recommended) or at the event. $85 for the season for a full membership, $25 for a one day membership (no points awarded) or one day free trial for those who have never competed with USASA.  Event fee is required for all membership levels.
Registration/Competitor Check-in times vary by resort and will be posted the week of the event as details become available
All competitors, including pre-registered athletes, MUST check-in during registration times.
Event fee is typically $22 - $30 depending on resort fees - no refunds.
Various waivers need to be signed annually for USASA and each resort.
Competition Information
Course inspection and practice followed by a mandatory rider's meeting prior to each event
Bibs must be worn during practice and competition
A snowsports rated helmet MUST be worn at all times and is required to compete. No helmet, you can't compete, no exceptions.
Competitors must have a lift ticket-discounted group rates are available and prices vary per mountain 
Competition Format
Alpine events (Slalom & Giant Slalom) - 2 runs combined time
Halfpipe events - Best of 2 judged runs
Slopestyle events - Best of 2 judged runs
Boardercross/Skiercross events - Head to Head with various advancement based on field size
How do I qualify for the Nationals?
Series Winner per discipline and age group
National Ranking system-best 3 scores from any event in any series, including out-of-series
Prior year National Champion
Please refer to the USASA Rulebook for detailed information. 
Appalachian Series Winner Determination
We will determine our Series winner (Series invite for Nationals) for each discipline based on highest overall points in your age division in Appalachian Series events for each discipline. Overall points will be determined as follows:
  • Boardercross/Skiercross – Best 2 of 4 events
  • Giant Slalom – Best 2 or 2 events
  • Halfpipe – Best 2 of 2 events
  • Rail Jam – Best 2 of 2 events
  • Slalom – Best 2 of 2 events
  • Slopestyle – Best 2 of 3 events
In the event the top overall finisher is unable to attend, the second place finisher will qualify.
Tie Breakers:
  • Freestyle (HP/SS/RJ): Winner of the last Series event (SS3,HP2 @ 7Springs, RJ2 @ Snowshoe).
  • Alpine (GS/SL): Winner of the last Series event (GS2 and SL2 @ Bryce).
  • BX/SX: Winner of the last Series event (BX/SX#4 @ Wisp). 
Snowboarders & Skiers of all ages, family and friends...come join us for fun and friendly competition! 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to contact Ellen Mostoller with any questions
Series Directors - Ellen & Mark Mostoller
Technical Supervisor - Brian Knopp
Tabulator - Dreama Hemingway
....and tons of parent and athlete volunteers!
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