Saturday May 30, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

The first round of invitations are now live which include the Regional Champions (Q1) or the Series Alternate (Q2), the 2011 National Champions (PQ), the 2011 Overall National Champions (OA) and the top 10% of those on the National Overall Rankings (NOA). These invited competitors have until midnight on March 18th to accept their spots. After midnight all spots not accepted will be automatically declined and given to the National Rankings lists as NR spots. NR invitations are given 48 hours to accept and then are automatically declined and offered to the next rider down in the National Rankings. This process will continue until midnight on March 27th!

Look for invite emails but you can also check the Invitation Lists at any time. If you see your name there you do not need to wait for an email invite, just login and register!

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