Friday May 29, 2015

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Dear USASA Members,

The USASA Foundation is pleased to announce that 25 grants will be issued under The Nationals Assistance Award for the 2012 winter season.

The Foundation was originally planning to distribute $6,000 in awards during this inaugural year, but because we received additional last-minute donations from Allisports (Dew Tour/Gatorade Freeflow Tour), Bomber Skis and other anonymous donors, we were able to double the number of athletes being supported this season.

All grant recipients will receive an email by April 5th indicating the amount of the award and payment details.

We received over 125 applications for the award this season and were disappointed that we could not issue grants to all applicants.

In future years, we are hoping to grant awards prior to Nationals so that athletes/families know if they've received an award ahead of time; hopefully making it possible for more athletes to attend Nationals.  In addition, it is our hope to greatly expand the program for future years.


Gordon Robbins
USASA Foundation
Board of Trustees, President

2012 USASA Foundation Sponsors

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