Saturday May 23, 2015

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Jed Sky: Hole in the Wall-Ride

wllrdIt was another bluebird day at Mammoth Mountain. There wasn't a cloud in sight to hide the sun kissed snow from all of us looking for good times on the mountain. Looking to get out of the park on an adventure, a group of us went to an out-of-bounds spot called 'hole in the wall'.

It started with a ride on the gondola to the top of the mountain, and a traverse to get off the side of it. As the group strapped in and prepared for the journey there, we talked about how to get there, some warnings, and got powder buddies. Finally, it was time to go, and we dropped in to a bowl full of hot pow on steeps. Slashes were sent back and forth as we flew down the first part. The next part of the journey was a traverse, but a fast pace one. We cut across the hill slashing the sides of the path made and making high speed ollies. After a couple times regrouping and traversing again we finally made it.

The hole was made by lava flowing through the rock making an awesome formation. The sight was breath taking as we rode through it one by one, stopping underneath it to stare at its massive size. After everybody came out, we rode down to the bottom where we caught a bus to bring us back to the mountain. We got off at a stop where we would ride a chairlift back to the main lodge, and as we were walking over somebody in the group spotted a wall ride that was already set up.

Stoked on this opportunity, I asked the group if anybody wanted to hit it for a little bit. Some people didn't want to, and others said they were too tired, except for my friend Seb. Even though it was only Seb and I, we fixed up the lip a little and gave it a go. The lighting wasn't great, and the only camera we had was his iPhone. But nevertheless it was a great session. We slowly went higher and higher up the wall hoping to get a better shot. Our session was cut short by the sun setting and the mountain about to close. We packed up, jumped on the lift and made it back to the main lodge by just the last chair. From out of bounds riding to hitting an urban spot on a sunny day, it was just another day in paradise.

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