Friday May 29, 2015

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Hey my name is Jed Sky and I am 16 years old. I go to Concord High School, but this winter i will be riding at Mammoth and doing school online. I started snowboarding  during the school program in the 1st grade, and couldn't get enough of it. I still can't! Ever since then I've been riding as much as I can. My main event is slopestyle but I also compete in the rail jams. Besides snowboarding, I row crew in the fall and spring. In my spare time I usually am with my friends or family. I like music a lot, just about any kind. I have a dog named Maxie, and a cat named Lula. I have a little brother named Ben who is 13 and does gymnastics. I rode with pm.snowtec for coaching three years until this year, when he had to have knee surgery. I don't think I would be where I am today without him. I look forward to another great winter this year. I can't wait!

Age: 16
Hometown: Concord, NH
Stance: Goofs
Favorite Mountain: Pat's Peak! jk probably Loon, but maybe Pat's
Influential Riders: All my buddies, River, Jules, the whole Pat's Peak crew
Sponsors: Flow Snowboarding, Smith Optics, S&W Sports, Gnarbear Shred Apparel
Top Contest Result:  1st Youth Men Slopestyle 2012 USASA Nationals, 3rd Waterville Vally Trans AM, 3rd Okemo Gatorade Freeflow, 1st UnderArmour 3RD rail jam
Favorite movie: Inception

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