Friday May 22, 2015

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Taylor GoldName: Taylor Gold
Age: 18
Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO
Stance: Regular

How many years have you been in competitive snowboarding?
I started competing when I was 9, so 9 years.

What club and or snowboard camps have you participated with in the past?
I have ridden with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club since I started snowboarding. This season is the time I am riding with the US Team, though I continue to ride with the SSWSC crew frequently.

Who were your past coaches?
My past coaches were Heath VanAken, Ashley Berger, and Spencer Tamblyn. I still get to work with Ashley and Spencer regularly.

What is your strongest/favorite discipline in your snowboarding?
My strongest discipline is halfpipe, but I love slopestyle, rails, and powder, too.

Results from last season?
6th at the Burton Canadian Open
1st at USASA National Championships
2nd at Junior World Championships
8th at the New Zealand World Cup

What are some of your past competition experiences?
One of my funniest competition memories is from the 2007 USASA National Championships halfpipe event in Northstar. I showed up for practice at 7:30 AM and took a warm up run. After, I hiked back to the top, but as I reached the top, I slipped. I slid on my butt, totally out of control, all the way to the bottom of the pipe where I finally stopped after slamming into a camera-man. I was angry and frustrated, but was eventually able to channel it into my riding, which allowed me to find the top of the podium later that day. It was one of my first big wins ever.

What are your sponsors and or hook-ups?
USASA, Burton, Oakley, Steamboat Ski Resort, and Powdertools Shop all support my riding.

What is your workout/stretch routine in the past?
During the summer, I visited the gym 4-6 days a week for pretty rigorous workouts and stretch sessions. In the winter, I go to the gym for a mellow workout or to ride a bike nearly every day and do a stretch.

What are your goals for the season?
I want to stay healthy, have fun, ride with friends, learn some new tricks, and get some solid results.

Why are you STOKED to be on the USASA SNOWBOARD TEAM?
All the staff members at USASA are super supportive, fun people and all the riders and coaches involved with the team are awesome snowboarders and great friends.

Shout Outs
I just want to thank my mom and dad for the support they have demonstrated my entire life as well as my friends for the fun times every day. I also want to thank my coaches, Ashley Berger and Spencer Tamblyn for helping me reach my goals.

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