Friday May 22, 2015

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Spencer ShawName: Spencer Shaw
Age: 18
Stance: 15/15. 23 inches wide

How many years have you been in competitive snowboarding?
I have been in competitive snowboarding for 11 years.

What club and or snowboard camps have you participated with in the past?
I have participated in camps involving the U.S snowboard team.  Attended Stratton Mountain School.

Who were your past coaches?
Ian Kirk, Spencer Tamblyn, Ross Hindman

What is your strongest/favorite discipline in your snowboarding?
My Favorite events are slopestyle and halfpipe. I believe i am pretty equal in both disciplines.

Results from last season?
-Arctic Challenge: Slope style
-Qualified for Junior Worlds
-Qualified for the US Olympic team
-Revolution Tour: Half pipe, 1st
-Mammoth Grand prix: Slopestyle, 2nd
-Revolution Tour Slopestyle, 2nd
-Aspen Open, Half-pipe 3rd place
-Revolution Tour Half-Pipe, Best trick award (front side 1260)
-Revolution Tour Slopestyle, Best tick award (switch back side 900)
-Revolution Tour Half-Pipe, Best trick award (front side 1080)
-Killington Mountain Dew tour: Hal-pipe, 5th
-Snowbassin Moutain Dew Tour: Half-pipe, 5th
-Canadian Open: Half-pipe, 8th
-Copper Grand Prix: half-pipe 10th

What are some of your past competition experiences?
I have had many experiences, My favorite ones take place in Europe. Switzerland is one of my favorite places to visit.

What are your sponsors  and or hook-ups?
Under Armour, Rome, U.S Team, usasa, Dye Goggles

What is your workout/stretch routine in the past?
Intense. Olympic lifts, stretching, cardio,

What are your goals for the season?
Would love to make Xgames, And podium at a Dew Tour

Why are you STOKED to be on the USASA SNOWBOARD TEAM?
Because they help support me fanatically.
The USASA Team helps put me in the public eye.
Gives me more opportunities to help help boost my career.

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