Saturday May 30, 2015

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KellyName: Kelly Marren
Age: 18
Sign: Leo
Hometown: Hillsborough
Current Residence: Truckee, CA
Stance: Goofy
Favorite Mountain: Breckenridge
Best Contest Result: 2nd Place Open Class Women's Halfpipe, 2009 USASA National Championships

If you invited us over to dinner at your family’s place, what would we get to eat? My mom is publishing a cook book so no matter what she is making from horseradish encrusted halibut to 24hour slow cooked BBQ pork you are sure to get some great grub. Also beware of my 3 younger brothers who love games and are not afraid of enlisting strangers in their indoor tackle football, catch phrase, or bananagrams pursuits. Oh, and don’t expect to leave without desert and some provocative conversations.

What is your theme song when you’re riding? PJust Dance by Lady GaGa. I LOVE dancing. This song gets me amped up to ride!

What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the PacSun USASA Team? I hope to push the limits of junior snowboarding and start challenging the professionals by uniting unique trick combinations and amplitude. I want all the joy and exhilaration I feel on my snowboard to be apparent while I’m riding. PacSun is always supporting my ambitions and I am looking forward to making more memories with both my motivating teammates and PacSun’s inspiring management.

What is the best concert you have ever been to? Why? Probably Motley Crue for my 13th birthday….so intense. I couldn’t hear when I got out and it was sooo fun.

What does snowboarding mean to you? Snowboarding to me an avenue in which I channel my fears and overcome them giving me a feeling of self-accomplishment and confidence that I carry with me from my schoolwork to my relationships.

What is your favorite brand at PacSun right now? Volcom

What item of clothing at PacSun is on your wishlist? Matix Corey Indigo Dress


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