Created: 10 August 2023

Who is USASA for?

Everyone. All ages, genders, and abilities are welcome to compete at USASA in any of our events. Click here to see our age group breakdowns. 

How can I get started in Competing?

Your first step is purchasing a membership with USASA. If you are turning 18 this season (before April 15), you will also need to purchase a US Ski & Snowboard membership

You can use this map to determine which Regional Series is most convenient for you to participate in events. Make sure to click on the star for that series (and any others you intend to compete within) to subscribe to the Team App page for event information updates. 

Once your membership(s) are active, you will be all set to register for events here. Make sure to also take a look at our Rule Book so that you understand the rules and opportunities to qualify for our National Championships.

You do not need a coach to compete, however, if you are interested in working with a coach, here is some information to get you started in selecting one.

Which Series should I join?

When considering which Series to join, keep in mind which resorts you tend to frequent instead of where you live geographically. For example, if you tend to ski/ride resorts in Northern Vermont, but live in Southern Vermont, make sure to join the Northern Vermont Series. It will make competitions most convenient for you.

This being said, if there is a competition outside of your local series you'd like to compete in, you can also compete in those as well. You will earn National Ranking points instead of Regional Points.

How do the Regional points and National Ranking work?

When you compete inside your “home” regional series, you earn regional points. Each Series determines different criteria for qualification for their ranking depending on the discipline and number of events held, such as “best 2 out of 3 scores,” or “best 4 out of 5 scores.” 

Your National Ranking is composed of your top three overall scores, in any series. Those top three may happen to be in your “home” regional series, or it may be a combination of scores from other series’ competitions you have traveled to. 

How do I qualify for Nationals?

There are two main pathways to qualify for the USASA National Championships: through your Regional Series, or through the National Rankings. See them both explained in detail below. 

Regional Series

  • Regional Series are allocated one position for their series winner in each discipline, age class and gender, regardless of events hosted. If a series does not host an event, the highest-ranked competitor based on the national ranking, from the respective home series will be awarded the position.

National Ranking

  • National Rankings will be used to seed the remaining positions up to the proposed field sizes. The field sizes are based on a sliding percentage scale of the overall participation nationally- not to exceed 68 per age group. The athletic goal is to have the top-ranked competitors regionally and nationally participate in the National Championships.

How do I find my member number?

On the USASA login page, click the link to search for your member number here.

I can’t log in, can you help?

You will want to go to the USASA login screen and select forgot password. It will ask you to type in your member number and email address to reset.

Where can I find a certified coach?

All USASA Coaches are required to be certified in order to coach at our events. These coaches (same as the ones in our database) are highly vetted and professionally trained and educated. In addition to going through rigorous coaches education to earn certifications, they also are required to participate in comprehensive training and vetting to keep your child safe, such as a background check, SafeSport training, Avalanche training, CPR/first Aid, CDC heads up, etc. Here's some more info on our website about why to choose a certified coach.

Check out the US Ski & Snowboard website here to search for a certified ski/snowboard club, which can point you in the right direction of an individual coach. You can search for a USASA coach through our online coach directory. Type an asterisk (*) in the first and last name, and select the checkbox that says "Search current members only." This will pull up every certified coach in our system.


How do I find out what competitions I am registered for?

You can check which events your athlete is registered for any time, by logging into their membership account. Once you log in, click on regional competitions as if you are going to register for a competition. Select the series, and then what month (or all months), and it will show you:

  • what events they have participated in (including a link to click for results),
  • any events that are full,
  • any events they are not eligible to participate in (it will say "info," because they either aren't in the correct discipline for the event such as snowboard vs ski or they don't have a FIS license for a FIS-sanctioned event like our Futures Tour events)
  • and any events they are registered for!


I'm having technical difficulties when attempting to register for an event or membership.

Please make sure that when you are registering your athlete, you are doing so on a computer and not your phone. Please try clearing your cache and cookies, and try again.

When you are completing the transaction, please make sure that every blue bar has a green checkmark furthest to the right, and that all waiver and liability boxes are checked. There is one last check box just before you hit submit.

Do I have to create an account for each of my three kids, or can I have one account for all of them?

You need to create three separate registrations, each with their own login. Each account and corresponding member number is assigned to an individual person, so each child would need their own account. If your kids are under 18, you may list your email address as the contact info. When you log them into our member portal on our website, you will log them in using their member number and a password of choice, for each athlete.


Do I automatically get to go to Nationals if I did last year?

No. Qualification to the National Championships are based on either 1. Winning a regional series qualification position in your named home series, or 2. National Ranking position after all regional qualifications are awarded. Points do not carry over to the next season and each season is new.


When are the 2024 National Championships?

Our 2024 National Championship dates are March 29-April 4 for Snowboard week, and April 6-11 for Freeski week. A more detailed schedule of events will be released in early March.

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