Friday May 22, 2015

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Hey Everyone!

I know it has been a while since I last put my adventures on paper for you all to indulge in. So here is another little update from Floyd's basement in Summit County, my hearts second home. ^-^

My trip starts on March 2nd when I flew from Hartford CT all the way out to the biggest little city in the world, Reno NV. When I arrived in Reno it was 12 o'clock local time and my ride (courtesy of Spencer Tamblyn) arrived at 8pm. So after I rolled out of the baggage claim with my bags I went to find the quietest corner that would be my home for the next 8 hours. After a eternity filled with sleep, book reading, phone calls, and TSA representatives asking me when I was leaving Spencer and the Steamboat crew flew in to my rescue. After driving from Reno to Truckee and setting up my boards I found sleep at the Holiday Inn around midnight.

The third of four stops on The USSA Revolution Tour was at Boreal CA. Boreal is tiny resort for the Tahoe area. It's vertical drop is comparable to resorts in Virginia, but what it lacks in terrain it makes up for in uncrowded slopes and a beautifully cut superpipe. I had two days before the pipe comp and spent half of it training and the other half finding pow stashes left from the 7 feet of snow received in the past 36 hours. So many worry's were left in those pow turns as I realized snowboarding is more fun with friends and free time then with competition pressure, winners and losers. We jumped of chair lifts, cornices and trees, tumbled through powder and over each other, and some of us continued to shred even when everyone else had called it quits and gone in.

Pipe was on friday and though it was a little gray bird the pipe was primed and ready to go, everybody was throwing down, nines and tens seemed to be the norm. I rode well for my self and stuck to doing a very tech run rather than the spin to win mentality. In the end my scores left me in 6th place, USASA PacSun team mate Paul Brichta placed first and won best trick with his huge cab ten tail. Friends Spencer Shaw and Joey Mensch finished 4th and 5th and Serena Shaw made it onto the podium for the girls with a third.

The Tahoe trip was a definite success, maybe I didn't finish as well as I had hoped, maybe I could have tried a little bit harder, but no regrets, I had fun with friends and if that is all I get out snowboarding I will be satisfied.

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