Saturday May 30, 2015

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rollerboardHello everyone! Summer is almost over and winter is only a few months away. I have been real busy this summer. I started off the summer by heading out to Mt. Hood, Oregon to get some summer riding in with 7 of my friends. We rented a house and stayed out there for a month just snowboarding, skateboarding and anything that would keep busy! I got to go surfing for the first time in my life too, which was awesome!

I was also lucky because I got a pro pass to ride windells, thanks to the team, which allowed me to train on the airbag and some bigger jumps/pipe. It was a very successful time at hood, because I learned some new tricks to do next season.

Next I was off to Woodward in Pennsylvania with the team, to get in shape and jump on some trampolines to get more stability and try new things. This was an awesome trip. The new team members are awesome too, and it should be a real fun year. We started off every morning having breakfast and heading over to the gym to get a workout in (Miah), jump on tramps, and learn some gymnastics stuff. This was really fun, for we learned lots of new things.

After open gym every morning we would get some lunch then head to the pool or a lot of us would go have a little skate sesh.

We also did the rollerboards again this year, and they modified them, so they are a lot better and allows you to progress for yourself. One day when we were off to rollerboards, Trevor had a “great” idea of hitting woodward’s mega jump into the airbag with the rollerboards. We all worked our way up the ramp getting used to speed and such, then I attempted the top, which led to a big knuckle. It was awesome seeing Benji, and Tyler do some sick tricks into the bag though. A highlight of this was Trevor trying the mega on his skateboard, and got speed wobbles and flew off the jump onto his back into the airbag.

Also new at Woodward is the Snoaisis, which is a down box with snowflex with a little bit of chipped ice, and this was super fun to session.


We closed the week with a team dinner, and we all had a blast with that. I would like to thank Gary, Maverick, Rick, Phoebe, Brian, Will, Jaime, Miah, Jason, and Paul for making this happen again. I had a blast. Talk to you guys soon!





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