Friday May 29, 2015

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CIMG1452_1981 After the season was over some of the Pac Sun Team and I went to Los Angles for a Daily Habit video shoot for Fuel T.V. The crew consisted of Faye, Mikaela, Tyler, Kelly, Miah and myself. The trip started off by seeing Faye and Miah at DIA and seeing what we’ve all been up to lalty. As we arrived in LAX we heard that Mikaela showed up early and went surfing with Stacey already. Faye and I were so jealous. We got our bags out of the odd size baggage and headed over to our hotel. After 30 minutes of watching the discovery channel Mikaela, Faye, Miah and I walked over to a super nice restaurant and ate some food. The food was great and I would like to thank whoever bought it for us (haha).

Kelly was arriving later that night around 12 and Tyler was supposed to be on the same flight as us, but he had a lot of weather troubles. The next morning we woke up nice and early and we all headed over to the Daily Habit. The guy that picked us up was super cool, and had a sick car (he also drove Britney Spears, Rhinna, and Furgy in the same car). The shoot took all day and it was a bummer but Tyler ended up not being able to show up because of snow in Colorado. The Daily Habit was an awesome experience because, we all meet a lot of cool people, and I got make-up put on me (haha weird but it was a first). We also got to see The Whip perform a couple songs, because they were on the same show with us. After this was all done we headed back to our hotel to meet up with Tyler.

Once the whole crew was together we decided to go out and get some lunch. After lunch we headed over to our hotel to get ready for the XXL Surf Awards in Anaheim. This was one of the sickest things I have ever been to because it was totally new to all of us and the big waves they surfed were insane. Another highlight of the night was we took a limo over to Anaheim which was so sick (oh and Tyler was wearing a huge tall T at an award ceremony haha). After the awards were over we were all so happy, and headed back to our hotel. This trip was short but awesome. I want to thank Miah, Graffy, Stacie, Jason, USASA, Pac Sun, Camille, Pat, Fuel TV and anyone else I forgot. See you this summer!

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