Friday May 29, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

IMG_0018.jpgOk, so when I got invited to be on fuel TV I was so excited. And I knew that we would be going to LA. Which, if you remember back to one of my old blogs, is one of my favorite places. However, something that most people dont know about me is that I have always wanted to learn how to surf. (it was even my new years resolution). So luckily for me I "coincidently" got into LAX 4 hours before the rest of the team. Also luckily for me, Stacie Perry, who works with the pacsun team, is a really good surfer. So I gave her a call and asked if she would pick me up from the airport and take me surfing. She was so nice, she even booked me a private lesson(which was much needed).

IMG_0057.jpgSo we got to Huntington beach and was with Stacie and Demi, who was on the pacsun surf team last year. Once my instructor told me some safety guidlines and tought me how to "pop up" we headed for the ocean. Being the freshwater girl that I am I really stuggled getting out there. Partly because it was crazy windy out there and the waves were pretty gnarly. Expecially with it being my first time ever. After 2 hours of riding, I had gotten my pop up down but had a hard time riding the waves out. I blame it on the wind even though I truthfully dont know if it had anything to do with it. But I had such a fun time and got to see Stacie and Demi kill it. It was really inspiring and I cant wait untill I get to go again. I LOVED IT!



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