Thursday May 28, 2015

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photoThis past week I experienced the east coast and all the ice and slush it has to offer. It started at Sugarloaf Maine for the USSA Revolution Tour Final Stop.  I ended up getting 4th in halfpipe and 7th in slopestyle. Not the results I was hoping for, especially because I was so close to the overall titles for both halfpipe and slopestyle. After the competition was over we explored the rest of the mountain. The funnest run on all of Sugarloaf was called Lower Tomahawk. It’s an icy mogul run through the trees with an icy gap called “the devil’s toenail” at the end. It was awesome and we only hit it like twenty times. To finish off my Maine trip I ate some delicious lobster that was only two hours off the boat, but unfortunately I never saw a moose.

photo2.jpgAfter the rev tour we drove to Killington Vermont. My coach, Travis Mclain had some navigational errors and we almost drove up to Canada. He managed to turn a five-hour drive into a ten-hour drive with one wrong turn out of the gas station in Sugarloaf.  We did eventually make it to Killington for the Grand Prix. Competing against some of the top pros in the country was very inspiring.  I didn’t make the finals in halfpipe, but I watched fellow Pacsun team members Kelly Marren and Kaitlyn Farrington dominate. I made the slopestyle finals, but couldn’t pull out a solid run and ended up 5th. Oh well, next stop The US Open...


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