Saturday April 19, 2014

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USASA Nationals Update from Mike and Mimi

mimi_and_trappyHey everyone! We just finished our two days of racing here at Copper on Tuesday, and we both had an awesome time despite dealing with some nasty weather. On Monday we raced Slalom and each finished with a silver medal and $1000 in prize money! Not too shabby!! Tuesday’s GS was a bit more rough though unfortunately. Mimi wasn’t able to race do to a concussion, and Mike had to deal with a nasty cold on top of some crazy cold, snowy and ridiculously windy weather and ended up finishing 7th respectively.


Beauchemin's Blog

Hey everyone,

This is my first blog entry and I hope everyone had a fun season. The winter has been good so far, getting tricks dialed and filming a bunch. Recently the US open was here at Stratton, Vermont and it WENT OFF! Everyone was killing it and it was pretty heavy just making it to Semi finals. I ended up finishing 21st in slope just a couple spots from finals. The Open is the best part of the year because all your friends from around the world are here kickin it.


Trevor Jacob, Top 10 in Ultimate Boarder!

Below is an update from Trevor about his experience in Ultimate Boarder last week. I just need to add to it how incredibly rad this kid is, he KILLED it and represented USASA, PacSun USASA Snowboard Team and the sport of snowboarding amazingly.


Nick and Mikaela PacSun Team update

Hey everyone, Nick Sibayan and Mikaela Casey with a team update!!!

This week the Chevy Rev Tour was going on at Mt Hood, Oregon! It was the last stop of the series so everybody brought their "A" game. The Slopestyle course was pretty good and contained two jumps, a pole jam, and a flat rail.


Benji at Boreal

Hey Everyone!

I know it has been a while since I last put my adventures on paper for you all to indulge in. So here is another little update from Floyd's basement in Summit County, my hearts second home. ^-^


Brett Esser: KILLING IT!

BurtonOpen_Brett_EsserHey everybody! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. Since Mammoth I’ve been in Canada for 2 weeks. It was a really fun trip. We were riding at the Canadian Olympic Park (not where the Olympics are this year) and we found out that’s where they filmed Cool Running’s, the Jamaican bobsled movie, which was pretty awesome.


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