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Ryan Sheckler

As well as being the Executive Director of the USASA, I also work with World Cup Skateboarding and travel to pro skateboard events around the world. Derek hung out with me for the week during the AST Dew Tour event in Salt Lake City. Here is his take on the entire adventure. JasonToutolmin

Wow! What a week. Thursday morning flew by with excitement as I hung out with the top vert skaters in the world during prelims. Jason has worked with World Cup Skateboarding since 99 throwing him the opportunity to work with famous skaters - Bob Burnquist, Andy Macdonald, Ryan Sheckler and Shawn White to name a few. Hanging out with Jason at the Dew Tour is like eating candy when your a kid! It just makes you sick. jk. If you want to meet some important people or get a few more good contacts hanging out with Jason is definitely the way to go.


dew_tour.jpgHey Everyone,  So since WoodWard, where I had such an amazing time, I headed out of the camp at 3 in the morning for the Dew Tour in Portland for a rail jam.  After going through some random arguments with airport officials for no reason in particular besides dealing with my bike bag in the Pennsylvania airport, I headed off to Portland.



It is early September and we are over skateboarding, basketball, and the beach.. It’s time to strap in.

The night is a Thursday and party activity is in full swing. The Rail we have scouted to hit is a fairly big ledge with a giant VT landscape painted next to it. We have just finished the run in and have an audience of about 10 intoxicated frat boys already. The ledge also happens to be right in front of a 24-hour rehab center and the nurses are all curious as to what we are doing and why there is snow in their parking lot.


jasonjumping.jpgAugust 19th, 2008, it was the second day at camp and we were sore. Paul Krahulec, Jason Toutolmin and I had found ourselves on the small BMX jumps. I wasn't sure where I stood with these two guys because they were both familiar with the sport,  and then there was I who had never really had a chance to learn on small jumps. The first time I went through I followed Paul and Jason through the mellow rhythm section and felt comfortable.


woodwrd_3 005.JPG

Upon arrival Gary and Mike joke with us a bit about our accommodations at the Woodward Inn, a Georgian stone inn built in 1814 which served as a wagon train stop for travelers along the old Millheim Pike.  Spencer, Miah and I immediately headed down some creaky stairs to check out the basement as it was rumored to be "extra spooky"!  After taking a few photo's Miah exclaimed that there were "a few odd shadows creeping into his photographs"........... aahhhhh, oh well, as long as they stay in the photo's we should be fine.



When I attended my first nationals at Mammoth Mountain in California when I was 12 or 13, Roger Carver and myself became known rivals whenever USASA Nationals would come that once a year for boardercross.  Now USASA Nationals has brought us back together as really close friends.  Anyone who has known both me and Roger will tell you that we are too very naturally talented kids who only want to do one thing, beat the other one.


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