Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Alex Tuttle: Soccer Life

For as long as I can remember soccer has consumed the first part of my school year and aided me in my dryland training. Not only will this be my last year playing but it has also been the most successful. I start as a center defense position, most commonly known in the soccer world as stopper. Our team suffered many disappointments and triumphs throughout our 15 game regular season, scoring a total of 67 goals and allowing 12.


Derek the Sk8r Boy

derek_sk8erboy.jpgIf any of you know me very well you would know this about me, I'M NEW TO SKATEBOARDING!

Every once and a while, throughout my life, I would maybe try a trick or two on a friends skateboard but I never really grew to like the sport. Maybe I just didn't have the patience to tackle down a new trick or maybe I took a hard fall and my face became part of the sidewalk, maybe I thought the geeks at school would gang up and hurt me during recess, who knows?


Faye and Mikaela in Switzerland

Hi everyone! This is Faye and Mikaela and we are in Switzerland for a few weeks for both the Europa cup and world cup. So far the trip has been unbelievable. We have had so much fun getting close with our team, the number of inside jokes we have is rediculous. And our diets have been mainly made up of bread and chocolate. As for the snowboarding...


Alex Tuttle Goes Hurricane Surfing

As many of you may already know, Hurricane Kyle recently passed in close proximity to Maine. Weather such as this often causes stress amongst people concerned for the safety of their homes and loved ones. I saw a different opportunity arise that is not usually present. The forecasted swell was to be approximately seven to nine feet. This being only my second time surfing, I knew that an extreme struggle was awaiting me as I squeezed into my creepily tight-fitting wet suit, which gave me flashbacks of the extra-small paintball jumpsuits at Woodward.


Kelly Marren: New Zealand Adventures

KellyMarrenNZPipe.JPGNew Zealand is the only country I know that would allow a racecar to jump a snowboard jump next to a snowboarder on an ordinary sunny Winter's day. This summer was, as expected, complete with its own adventures and surprises.

I traveled down to the South Island of New Zealand to compete in the FIS World Cup. The competition didn't go as well as I hoped, but on the bright side, I still provided some entertainment for all Kiwis' watching the event. I, hands down, won the best crash of the day on a backside 900 attempt which a friend accurately described as a "half a rodeo to face deck, a face bounce off the deck, to heel edge catch on the wall, and head smack in the flats." (Don't worry Miah, no more concussions. I surprisingly walked away from the crash injury free!).


Derek Johnson: Youth Winter Sports Alliance Champions Reception

award.jpgToday I headed up to Park City for the Youth WinterSports Alliance Champions' Reception held at Squatters Roadhouse Grill & Pub. I was greeted by a host at the restaurants entrance and seated among past, present and future Olympians. Arial skiers, luge dudes, cross country skiers, ski jumpers, snowboarders, and skeleton maniacs came together for a Mind Blowing speech given by famous speed skater Eric Heiden.


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