Thursday April 24, 2014

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Alex Tuttle: Racing in Maine

DSC_6422.JPGGreetings All,

I wanted to enter another blog before the new year came and I finally have a moment to do it. The holiday has been great, I have got to spend a lot of time with my family and ride a lot. The competition season is officially underway.


Mikaela's commercial experience

342.jpgSo I am sitting at rasta pasta in downtown Breck one tuesday night when i get a phone call from Jason at USASA. I have not talked to him for awhile so I am extremely curious to see what it is about. He asks me if I would be ok with flying to California on Thursday night to do a commercial for wii!!


Derek and Mikaela in a Commercial!

Hey all, Just flying back to Utah from Laguna Beach where Mikaela and I spent today doing a commercial for the awesome new wii game coming out in March. Put this game on a list of things you NEED to buy! It's called Wii Ski and Snowboard made by NAMCO and it's by far the coolest game I've ever played! Take my word for it.


Mahaney Catching Up

4.jpgSorry for taking so long to write this blog…but I have been up to way too much this fall.  As a student-athlete at Colorado College, the fall was intense with preseason lacrosse lifting and training as well as a heavy course load.  I took music theory, Introduction to Psychology, and Introduction to Jazz. My normal day during this time at College consisted of waking up in the morning with my suitemate Kyle W-H around 7 AM and getting an aerobic workout in.


Jackie and Mimi: The Nor-Am at Copper

img_2711.jpgHi everyone this is Jackie and Mimi (Madeline), we just finished our first Nor-Am competition of the season last week at Copper Mountain, Co. We were there training for two weeks prior to the race, getting on the lift at 6 am every morning. It’s a little rough loading the chair lift while the stars are still out, but the snow was great, and we even had foot of powder one morning.


Brett Esser: Early Season Shredding

Brettjimzack.jpgFinally the winter is here! I have been riding a lot, thanks to Breckenridge/Copper/Keystone/and A-basin all being open now with some fun rails set up! Since I ride with Team Summit snowboarding team, I had the privilege to ride at Copper Mountain before it was open to the public.


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