Thursday April 17, 2014

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Faye Gulini in Argentina!


DSC01176Just got back from Argentina. It was a blast! The first week was epic and it snowed the whole time and we have the best pow day ever! After that it rained for like a week and the mountain was closed then the rest of the trip the weather wasn’t so hot and the continental cup kept getting postponed. It was supposed to be the last day we were there but got canceled after our inspection run. We never ended up getting to ride a course but the culture was really cool and the places we saw were so pretty. We spent a day touring Buenos Aires and saw a ton of cool things. Then we went to Bariloche and stayed there for two weeks then took a bus to Chapelco!


Brett Esser Checking In

rollerboardHello everyone! Summer is almost over and winter is only a few months away. I have been real busy this summer. I started off the summer by heading out to Mt. Hood, Oregon to get some summer riding in with 7 of my friends. We rented a house and stayed out there for a month just snowboarding, skateboarding and anything that would keep busy! I got to go surfing for the first time in my life too, which was awesome!

I was also lucky because I got a pro pass to ride windells, thanks to the team, which allowed me to train on the airbag and some bigger jumps/pipe. It was a very successful time at hood, because I learned some new tricks to do next season.


Brooke Shaw: Everyone ready for summer?

Brooke ShawHello everyone, it’s been a while since I last talked to you.  I’m going to give you a quick update on what’s been going down these past months.

After nationals, I came back to CT and started physical therapy right away. I already knew the therapist, he helped me when I tore my hamstring, and it’s nothing new to me. I’ve started to go to the gym way more, now that my knee is doing better. I just went to the doctor yesterday and he said it looks awesome and he told me to just to keep doing PT till the end of July and I should be good! In PT I’ve been doing a lot of jumping, running, weights and it’s great! I feel like a “human” again. The therapist has been so impressed with how I’ve been progressing. He said I went from just little jumps to bouncing around the room like a nut. I can say my knee is doing AWESOME!


Brett Esser on Fuel TV

CIMG1452_1981.jpgAfter the season was over some of the Pac Sun Team and I went to Los Angles for a Daily Habit video shoot for Fuel T.V. The crew consisted of Faye, Mikaela, Tyler, Kelly, Miah and myself. The trip started off by seeing Faye and Miah at DIA and seeing what we’ve all been up to lalty. As we arrived in LAX we heard that Mikaela showed up early and went surfing with Stacey already. Faye and I were so jealous. We got our bags out of the odd size baggage and headed over to our hotel. After 30 minutes of watching the discovery channel Mikaela, Faye, Miah and I walked over to a super nice restaurant and ate some food. The food was great and I would like to thank whoever bought it for us (haha).


Mikaela and Faye on Fuel TV!

IMG_0018.jpgOk, so when I got invited to be on fuel TV I was so excited. And I knew that we would be going to LA. Which, if you remember back to one of my old blogs, is one of my favorite places. However, something that most people dont know about me is that I have always wanted to learn how to surf. (it was even my new years resolution). So luckily for me I "coincidently" got into LAX 4 hours before the rest of the team. Also luckily for me, Stacie Perry, who works with the pacsun team, is a really good surfer...


Alex Tuttle in Japan

I apologize that it has been so long since my last update. My absence from school has resulted in playing a lot of catch up. That is not to say that it wasn’t way worth it. A few weeks ago I received the opportunity to travel to Nagano, Japan to compete with the worlds best under 20 riders. The trip out there was long to say the least, especially for the riders traveling from the east coast. The group of kids that came from the US were a talented bunch of riders.


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