Friday May 29, 2015

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Video Games National Contest

Current members of the USASA are invited to participate in a national video contest being hosted by Reel Theory Productions.   GoPro is providing two, Hero 3 + video cameras to each of the 30 USASA series across the nation.  Series Directors will loan the GoPro cameras to their members to film and edit videos supporting the theme, “Why my USASA Series is the best!”
Andrew Mutty, owner / operator of Video Games Events stated, “My #1 recommendation is to have FUN with this event.  Get creative with the story line and attempt as much unique filming as possible. The overall goal here is to prove to the world "WHY your series is the BEST!"  Take the time to let us know what makes your crew different and interesting. It’s your time to shine!”
This event is very easy to pull off and here are some steps to help you.
  1. Allocate your team. Most series already know who the best filmmakers are on their regional area. Kids are making edits all the time so try to link up and identify who those kids are first.  They will lead you down the right path of forming a team.
  2. Each series is dedicated to have one team per series. This team films for one video. This is your chance to showcase how your series is so awesome by using a collaborative effort in making your videos. A team can be anywhere from 5-20 kids. The more kids you have filming, the better your material will be so we encourage you to embrace your whole regional area.
  3. Submit your list by the deadline. This can be a partial list or a full list.  Our goal here is to at least take the first steps in identifying the filmers, editors and a couple riders to get started.
  4. USE THE SHOT LIST.  This shot list is designed to help you get the most out of your team.  For example: Film this interview, film these tricks, film etc.  We have set the ground work and now your crew can do the rest.
  5. What to film?  Film anything you want or can; film events, have kids film street rails, film park material, or film backcountry, but make it true to your regional series.
Camp Woodward is providing weeklong sessions for their digital media camp as well as sessions for general ski / snowboard participants as part of the prize packages that will be awarded to the top videographers and featured athletes.
Rules, format, instructions, judging, prizes and registration information may be found at:
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