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2013 Lil' Rascals Event Update

Lil RascalsThe ‘Lil Rascals Rail Jams have been a great success with young snowboarders at the two locations where they have been held so far this winter.  Presented by the USASA with support from Burton Snowboards, the two jams that have take place this season have been a hit with kids and parents in attendance.  The first Jam took place in Colorado in early December as part of the USASA Rocky Mountain Series at the Frisco Adventure Park. 

The second event was presented at the Jay Peak Resort in northern Vermont.  Thanks to the resort’s close proximity to Quebec, the event featured an international flavor, with kids speaking English and French with their new buddies and instructors throughout the Saturday morning event.

The focus of the ‘Lil Rascals Rail Jam event is young riders, nine years of age and under.  Professional instructors assist young riders through kid-friendly terrain and features, designed specifically for young snowboarders to master new skills with relative ease.  For the very young, the new Burton Snowboards Riglet Reel has been a great learning tool used by the instructors.   The reel, a retractable cord attached to the front tip of the snowboard, facilitates a quick pull up the hill, through the terrain park, so that kids don’t have to waste time clipping in and out of their bindings.  Once the young rider arrives at the top of the terrain park, the instructor releases the cord which automatically retracts into the reel and out of sight until it’s needed the next time the rider needs a quick pull back up the hill.

The Lil Rascals event is a great way to introduce kids to snowboard competition in a fun and inviting way and we are stoked to be a part of it.

Burton Snowboards VP of Global Resorts- Jeff Boliba

thumb__Chloe20130112_Rail_Jam_Jay_0137Photo: Andrew LanoueThe 2013 USASA National Championships will feature a ‘Lil Rascals Rail Jam as part of the two-week long event scheduled to take place, March 30th through April 9th at the Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado.  The ‘Lil Rascals Rail Jam event introduces youngsters to snowboarding in a kid-friendly manner with professional instruction, equipment and support staff from the USASA and Burton Snowboards, who specialize in encouraging young riders to have fun, standing sideways, on snow.

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