Sunday May 24, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Nationals Schedule and Competition Groups posted!

Check out the Nationals Tab to see the new schedule and Competition Group breakdown for this years National Championships at Copper. It is a 6 day event with 5 venues, so each competition group will have a day off sometime in the week.

Numbers per age group in each competition group are still being decided, and should be based on the percentage of National Membership for each age group. Please check the site periodically for more information!

The Contact Us form goes to me and I get 50-100 emails per day, mostly asking about Nationals schedule, qualification, rankings, etc. I am sooooo buried this time of year I may not be able to respond to those questions every time, so please only contact me if it is major, otherwise check the site for updates. I will update the website as new information is available, if I don't know the answer now then it isn't on the website.

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