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Chuck Allen, The Legendary Icon

Chuck AllenChuck Allen, founder of the USASA, co-founder of the NSSA, and former Huntington Beach High School Surf Coach, passed away at 1:26 pm, February 14th, 2011.  The legacy left behind, touched many lives with his positive outlook, his timeless smile, and his fatherly approach.  From the youngest USASA competitor, to the kids on his surf team, to many of the key players in the action sports industry, Chuck’s influence will last for a long time to come.  

Chuck moved to Southern California from Oklahoma with pennies in his pocket.  He began working in the banking industry and was drawn to the surfing lifestyle. From there, Chuck affiliated himself with a variety of organizations ranging from planning commissions to little league baseball.  With his kids in tow, Chuck’s priority was to provide a great life for his family, and went to extreme measures to help his kids while having a positive influence on everyone around him.  

Chuck took on the role of Huntington Beach High School Surf Coach and the accomplishments started stacking up.  Some notables include a 139-3 record, 7-time National and California State Champions, 1st place at the 1980 Pan American Games, and 1st place at the 1984 World Surfing Championships.  He and other influential surfers of the time, also decided to organize and create the National Scholastic Surf Association pairing academics and competitive surfing in Southern California.  The organization grew and along with Peter Townsend and Ian Cairns, Chuck coached the hottest surfers of the early 80’s, helped with major surf events like the first US Open of Surfing, and ultimately left a legacy with many of the students, competitors, and companies he worked with.  

After 11 years of coaching, Chuck set his sights on snowboarding and in 1988 decided to organize and found the United States Amateur Snowboard Association, an organization he hoped would help amateur snowboarders realize their dreams of becoming pro while still maintaining a laid back fun environment.  Chuck’s surfing influence can even be seen in the use of popular surfing terms, now USASA age groups like Grommets, Menehunes, and Kahunas. His spirit lives on today in the United States of America Snowboard Association, which now boasts the largest amateur snowboarding event in the world, the USASA Nationals, helping amateurs and open class pro riders alike.  And to no surprise, the USASA has helped launch the careers of many of today’s biggest names like Shaun White, Louie Vito, Danny Kass, and whole laundry list of top-level snowboard athletes.   

Chuck Allen’s legacy will live on in his children, his wife, the kids he coached, the competitors that compete today, the companies he had ties with, and the friends he made along the way.  We’ve all learned from Chuck and we’re all lucky to have known such a great man.  And knowing Chuck, instead of sending flowers, help his legacy live on by donating to the USASA and NSSA Scholarship fund.  Education, Surfing, and Snowboarding were very important to him and the best way to honor him is by donating to these organizations.  If you wish to help out, send your donation to either the USASA Scholarship Fund or the NSSA Scholarship fund at POB 156, Wrightwood, CA 92397.

Chuck, We Love You.  You will be missed, but Never Forgotten.

Later Dude!

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