Friday May 22, 2015

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Kim Krahulec Season Wrap Up

The next stop in my season was the Boreal Grand Prix. The course wasn’t much to look at, but ended up running really well. A knee injury earlier in the season took me out for all of January and left my knee still in a brace and swollen. After pushing through practice, a whole lot of ibuprofen and ice, my time trial was good enough to put me in to seven place. A bit conservative as a qualifier but still in the big show!  My first heat ran well, getting the hole shot and setting the pace down the rest of the course. The second heat was a little different, pulling out second and staying there until the last berm before the straightaway. I took the outside line, running high and got passed on the inside! But with some fancy leg work, I managed to pass the rider in second, almost at the finish line and got into the finals!

The finals race was very tight in the top section, all four of us running side by side in the first berm. It was a close fast race and as we crossed the finish line it was Lindsey Jacobellis, Joanie Anderson and me in third for the second Grand Prix in a row. Next stop was the World Cup in Cypress, British Columbia the site of the 2010 Olympic Boardercross. With the biggest course I have ever seen, it’s safe to say I had more than a little nerves running. After piecing the course together I felt confident for race day. My first practice run went ok, a few fumbles but I made it through none the less. The second run had a little different pace and after making it 2/3rds down the course I over shot the triple. I had a lot more speed and didn’t compensate enough and ended up re-injuring my knee and getting a concussion. Not the finish I wanted, but that’s how the cards fall sometimes. After some much needed rest and relaxation I was off to Collingwood Ontario for the Canadian NorAM. Training went well, running the course full speed the second run, I was feeling very confident going into race day. With a one run time trial it was important to lay down a fast time and still stay on your feet. My run wasn’t perfect but it would do! I ended up 4th, not bad for hooking up an edge. I was excited for heats. My first heat I was focusing on getting the hole shot and not getting behind traffic and I did just that, controlling not only my first heat, but the second heat as well. My pulls were on point today! Finals rolled around and after some quick waxing I was ready to go. I didn’t have lane choice, and ended up in the worst gate you could have! It didn’t matter though, after pulling out first I focused on staying on my feet! Coming around the last berm I knew I was home free! It felt good to come out on top and not a bad birthday present either! The final stop on my list was Mont Tremblant for Canadian Nationals Championship. I was there a week early riding and enjoying some spring Canadian snow. Practice day rolled around and unfortunately so did the weather. Rain, lots and lots of rain. It rained all day and all night. With plastic bags in our boots and full rain gear on, everyone was just trying to stay dry! Training and time trials were postponed, they were hoping that the weather would break. Mother nature unfortunately didn’t have the same idea though and it continued to down pour. My time trial went alright, the berms were super bumpy from the rain and it was all that anyone could do to stay up. After spinning out in a berm I came across the finish line in about 8th. My first heat rolled around and I found myself in the gate next to Maelle Ricker, Canada’s #1 rider and tied for 1st place on the World Cup. After pulling out close behind her I was just focused on keeping on her tail. I was carrying way more speed into the hip than I was use to and my stomach sank as I took off and watched the landing quickly disappear. I tried to hold the flat landing together but my back foot somehow ended up in front of me, sending me into a cartwheel and out of the race. Another fall in the season but that’s the nature of the game. Still all smiles at the end of the day! All in all I had a great season. Had some great results and learned a lot. Now I’m focusing on getting that much stronger for next year!

Thank you to Stacey, Graffi, Miah, Spencer, Travis, Don, Boydee, Mark, Jon, Jason and to everyone else who helped me along the way this year, for all of your encouragement and support, it means a lot!

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