Monday May 25, 2015

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USASA at the Northstar Winter Dew Tour

EOS13657.jpgThe final stop of the AST Winter Dew Tour was held at Northstar-at-Tahoe this past weekend and I had the opportunity to be there all four days to manage our booth. With the help of some great volunteers, including Zippy, Nicole, Elan and my wife and kids, we were able to spread the word about what USASA is all about and give out lots of free stuff. PacSun USASA Team riders Kelly Marren and Trevor Jacob did a few autograph signings over the weekend andour bandanas were a big hit, especially on Sunday when the weather got bad. The weather couldn't have been better the first 3 days, practically spring conditions, but Sunday was rainy and WET.

I got to shoot some photos of the halfpipe practice on Friday and make some turns with my wife and kids on Saturday which was a super fun. Brett Esser, Trevor Jacob and Faye Gulini all represented well in the Dew Tour events with Trevor and Faye both just missing a spot in their finals. PacSun USASA Team Alumni Ross Baker had an amazing 6th place finish in Mens pipe on Sunday and another alumni, Lizzy Beerman, made the finals in the Women's halfpipe finals. Way to go! Watching the events over the weekend it was great to see so many past USASA competitors in the mix, essentially every US rider there spent at least a few years in the USASA. Chas Guldemond, who's parents run the USASA New Hampshire Snowboard Series, placed 3rd in the Slopstyle event (and was the funnest guy to shoot in halfpipe practice, such rad style). Mason Aguirre, a long time USASA competitor and big supporter of our organization, took the top spot in the mens pipe, above Steve Fisher and Shaun White, super stoked to see that!

Nike 6.0 had an outhouse setup with a slow motion camera where you could sit and get hit with a snowball in the side of the head and get the video published on the web. It was fun to watch my wife and Zippy get hit in the head with a snowball and not get blamed for it!

It was a great weekend for sure and I am glad I was able to be there for the entire time. Next stop for me is Park City for a new event called Intelligent Design Snowboard Competition, formally the World Superpipe Championships, and then on to the USASA Nationals at Copper!


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