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PacSun USASA Team at Woodward - PacSun at Woodward Pg 2

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Day 2 

grouprollerwarmup.jpgRollerboarding is a new concept that will take off-snow training to another level. Rollerboards are essentially snowboards with bindings and rollerblade wheels mounted into the board.  The result is a board that feels much like a real snowboard.  This piece of equiptment coupled with Woodward's unique drop-in/ 8 foot jump into a foam pit will prove to be the future of freestyle snowboard progression.


The crew warms up on the rollerboards before firing things up.


Kiah Stepped up first, throwing huge inverted sevens.  The rest of  the crew was quick to follow suit with a deep bag of tricks.


Kelly Marren with some smooth style.


Kelly stoked to be neck deep in the foam!

Today the team totally gelled.  It is awsome to see a crew gel so quickly.  The support this crew shows each other (even with the hilarious hijinx) would stoke anyone out.  These athletes were truly helping each other in such a positive way, whether it was reminding each other to pad up, or holding each other so they didnt accidentally drop into Everest (the gigantic drop in to the jump).  Everyone knew they were a part of  a crew that had their back.


The big picture.  Everest (the 2 story drop in) is in the background with the pit in the foreground.  You can see Derek Johnson using the rope to struggle out of the depths of foam.


Brett "Brettfest" Esser getting some quality feedback from the coaches.

Whats wrong with the next two pictures???


Chris Mahaney



If you guessed they were DQ'd for losing their helmets you are right!!!  No helmet = Disqualification

Not only that, Brett lost my elbow pad in the foam pit.  I can only guess how many wallets/cellphones/sparechange/dentures are buried in the pit.


Miah digging... It's like looking for a needle in a haystack...  Brett is definitly DQ'd now!


Trevor cheering Brett up after the DQ.

One thing about Trevor is that he is always trying to beat me up.  As a general principle I would never fight back with an athlete, Trevor is an exception.  The first two days he took me down at least a dozen times.  If trevor had a dollar for every time he took me down and I walked away he would have like 10 bucks. Tonight he was so tired that when he tried to take me down, I reacted like a ninja and worked him.  So, he has like 10 bucks and I have a dollar.  Sweet!

After another fun filled day the team was ready to chill.  As the sun went down some of the boys chose to relax around the campfire and get amped for the evening workout with a nice cold RedBull.


Mac Joyce, Tyler Anderson, and Chris Mahaney get ready to call it a night.  

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