Friday May 29, 2015

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PacSun USASA Team at Woodward

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PacSun USASA Team at Woodward
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The day started off with a vigorous workout with world class Woodward coaches, Olympic medalist Phoebe Mills and World Class Snowboard Coach Rick Shimpeno.  Also supporting the group was PacSun USASA coaches Spencer Tamblyn and Miah Wheeler.  Supporting Miah and Spencer were PacSun USASA team manager Paul "60 Grit" Krahulec, and USASA Executive Director Jason Toutolmin.  Everyone had their support.


The Motley PacSun USASA Crew at their first workout. 


Lovely Phoebe and The Rick


"60 Grit" in the house!


After a butt kicking workout we all went to the cafeteria for an awesome lunch where Derek Johnson was caught mid-banana...


Jackie Hernandez, Mimi Wiencke, and Faye Gulini chillin' in the shade after lunch.

As lunch wound down Tyler Anderson talked Woodward counseler Audris into letting him check out his sweet rollerblades.  We thought that Tyler had no business rollerblading when it was obvious he didn't even know how to put on the things by himself!


Adris helpsTyler put on his rollerblades.

  Little did we know... Not only is Tyler a phenomenal snowboarder, Tyler has mad rollerblade skills too!!!


 "Smooth Operator"

Next we were off to the artificial snow surface where we would talk goals and watch some of the team huck off a 8 foot jump into a big bag of air filled goodness, nice and soft!


Kiah Ellis, Derek Johnson, and Tyler Anderson goalsetting.


Kiah hucking a squirell flip (front flip) into the airbag.

 As the day wound down we had one more workout as the sun set.


Derek hucks one more punch front under the supervision of coach Miah before the sun goes down.

 The end of day 1 found everyone exhausted and stoked to lay down for the evening.  Click next below to see what happened on day 2...

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