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PacSun Team Throwing Skills at Mt. Hood Camp #2 - Yeh, Yeh, Yeh -

Six weeks later- We converge on Mount Hood once again, this time our PacSun camp is hosted by High Cascade Snowboard Camp, with a different crew of PacSun riders for some late summer riding, team building and photo shoots. The group is made up of 6 PacSun riders, including team veterans Chris (the RACER man) Mahaney, Kaitlyn Farrington and Trevor Jacob. Happy to be back on the team and fired up for a whole new season, they were more than happy to initiate 3 new skilled recruits named Tyler Anderson, Mikaela Casey and Kiah Ellis.

post_mahaney_beef.jpgThis session at HCSC also plays host to a Work Shop Session for photographers. It is run by decorated and respected rock star photographers Trevor Graves and Tim Zimmerman. During the session the riders will be action subjects for the aspiring Photawgs in the work shop. The camp is full of fun loving campers, shooters and even a friend of mine who has recently risen to Rock Star Status, thanks to "The Bachlorette", Jesse and his newly won lady are here hangin round camp. Neat!

Yesterday, a great second day on the hill started off with a heavy session on the High Cascade jumps with paparazzi all around to catch the action. We then moved down to the hip for some more airtime and progression in the fine art of hip launching. After that, we went down to Timberlines' Daylodge, where we napped, played pigs and worked on our acapella singing skills. Around 4 PM we hooked up with Grant Gunderson and Kris Jamieson, with a mission set to head back up the hill for an evening photo session on the new RedBull sponsored features at Windells facility. 3 of our group of 8 took off up the hill on a snow mobile that Tim Windell had set up for us, thanks Tim. The rest of us waited at the bottom, chatted and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon glory of the mountain. It had been some time when we received word that the machine had unfortunatly broken down halfway up the first shuttle. Bummer. Then a timberline employee on a crotch snow rocket showed up to give us hair-raising rides to the shoot site one by one. The guy obviously was not happy about having to shuttle us up and had no problem putting a little fear into each of us on a wild ride up the hill. Fun though.

kaitlyn_7-29-08_air_to_fakie.jpgIn the evening on the hill we were able to get some great shots on the cool swing set rainbow, slider box and wall ride. It was a great shoot and we were all very happy when we landed at Hucks for a late dinner with the photographer. Super fun Day and we are ready for some good sleep. Tomorrow we will get up a little later since all the riders are a bit worn out and we are planning to be part of another evening shoot with the Photo Work Shop. 2 days down and 2 to go. Havin fun and gettin r dun. Thats what we do.


mikaela_casey_fs_lien-_post.jpgThe next day, we had another incredible  day on the snow, including the 2nd sunset shoot with all the photo students. The day included a great midday session in the amazing High Cascade Halfpipe. I took a few runs with the kids and enjoyed a little hangtime of my own. Then we had a barbeque with the whole Photo Work Shop, as well as other coaches and counslers that were lucky enough to be able to stay up for the evening session. The hill was rockin with a full on evening assult on the High Cascade park and pipe. Jumps, hips, quater pipe and halfpipe all seeing lots of action. Beautiful weather, a great vib and lots of lenses gave birth to a wealth of great riding, great photography and smiling faces. Another productive PacSun Team session in the bag.

tyler_method_-_post.jpgEven though we all felt as though we had really achieved what we had set out to do during the three previous days, we were all sad as the morning of our forth and final day revealed heavy misting rain and a blanket of fog that never allowed the ski area to open. So, we relaxed, had a mellow breakfast and made plans to go to the Photo workshop  classroom.  There we would look at the photos with the students and exchange info for future communication, in the effort to utilize the well earned shots.

That evening, the whole camp came together to watch photo and  video shows including pieces by Trevor Graves, Tim Zimmerman, and Andy Wright as well as the Work Shop Students stuff from the camp. The camp stuff included several amazing photos and video clips of our group and every time one of us would appear on the big screen they would all high five and cheer for each other. Very cool! We finished up with a premier of a rough cut of the amazing and nearly completed new MackDawg movie, Double Decade. With Jeremy Jones, the films director and head filmer all in the room with us, we all felt very lucky to be enjoying the show in such great company. 

hood_set-_post.jpgAs the premier finished and the gathering started to break up, the teams good-byes began. We were all leaving in the morning and some earlier that others. Like Kiah at 4:45AM. Ouch. Knowing that we will all be together again in 2 weeks for a gymnastic cross-training camp at Woodward, PA, there were little tears or drawn out departures. Just smiles and "see you in 2 weeks". So, that is how it ended. From Team PacSun, for now, goodbye. But I will be sure to make some posts from Woodward, so I guess thats how it is. See you in 2 weeks.

Many thanks to the High Cascade Staff, Kris Jamieson, Grant Gunderson, Paul Krahulec, Miah Wheeler, Tim Windell, Redbull, USASA and PacSun, for all the support and encouragement. Thank You!!  

-Coaching, photos and words: Spencer Tamblyn

-Riders- intro page: Kiah Ellis

-This page top to bottom: Chris Mahaney, Kaitlyn Farrington, Tyler Anderson, Mikaela Casey, Tyler Anderson, SunSet at Mt. Hood 

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