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TOPIC: my store the inside is that there is no an employee hasing this kind of brown of hair

http://youth-baseball-bats-who​ my store the inside is that there is no an employee hasing this kind of brown of hair 11 months, 1 week ago #36338

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Yi this hair is this bond maid film to drop down······I but come consume of, if you are the words of solution that don't give me a satisfaction, I complain you, I can tell you, I have the leadership of relatives but the city inside bureau public health······"The female customer continues loudly threat way.
"This young lady asks dispassion to order, we the food in the meal store is 100 divide 100 to promise hygiene, as for you this food inside why will appear the problem of hair silk, we will give you the explanation of a reasonable."The female representative director picked up the chopsticks of dining table to clip to have the hair that asks for to have an accident to carry in the dinner plate, that little waitress went fetch a transparent glass cup at this time, and the female representative director after putting the hair silk clipping in the chopsticks to wash away dirt in the clear water the bottom then clipped again and put the hair silk to that little waitress to spread on a piece of blank sheet of paper on the table.At this time, just saw hair silk of knowing the color not too show light brown on the blank sheet of paper in the vegetable soup.
The female customer whom the female representative director saw eye facial expression a little bit change at this time remains very courtesy ground saying:"The color of this hair doesn't know that you see clear and have no, my store the inside is that there is no an employee hasing this kind of brown of hair, as for you say this hair is this girl drops, you please see clear, isn't this girl's hair similar to the color of this hair?"
Clear eye person's one eye can see out this be absolutely suffused with brown hair is fallen off on little head of waitress that isn't likely to be that to have a head of jet black sheen show hair, it is that the hair silk of this brown is extremely similar to the brown hair with a little an impervious to reason female customer to pour.
That female customer seemed to know oneself a he or she's indefensible, temporarily answering of the facial expression a burst of green a burst of white not last words.
"I think this small affair to let its being has never taken place, I let artificial you re- change a disc of new vegetables, the affair hoping just doesn't influence the mood that you have a meal."The high personnel whom the female representative director is really a to have much of a practical ability, even if this matter have been already put of really know, this still very tactful earth shine of female representative director attends to the customer's face.
"Need not, I have already been getting more satisfied."The female customer of that indefensible is on the table after throwing down to cover up single money, then the spirit in a hurry left a meal store, she sits at the same table of the male companion on the contrary stand up ashamedly be responsible for that little waitress and female in the hotel humality voice Qian, then also go out to catch up his female companion.
A small affair ended like this, a lot of for seeing this matter and stopping the customer of dining to also continue own dining, everyone's in the minds all feel satisfied for the service attitude of this meal store.
That female representative director is great
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