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Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim " Originally Tang Yin is this meaning
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TOPIC: Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim " Originally Tang Yin is this meaning

Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim " Originally Tang Yin is this meaning 11 months, 2 weeks ago #28855

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It be beating again. " Hear to shout a voice, Wu widely and the war none of tiger know what is the row, the double double falsely sways one an outside of circle of recruit, jumping, then without previous arrangement of see to Tang Yin. The looking around of Tang Yin all over the face smile is 2 people, vision and fall war in the tiger body, and again fall Wu Guang Shen, at the same time heart in also at secretly the feeling sigh,, inside the agreeable state city unexpectedly still hide already have no light so severe person,, oneself had no to realize before, really is missed a talented person,
Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim.He widely says to Wu; "Wu Xiong, you lost,,
louis vuitton cheap bags." "Did I lose?"Wu widely full face of puzzling, oneself clearly clear beat with that savage country people not a cent top and bottom, how lose. See his face up show unintentionally to don't understand of color, Tang Yin smiles to ask a way:" You beat with him how many will with?" In Wu Guang Xin calculate for a while, say;"50 will with or so." "How is result?" "Certainly is don't divide victory or defeat." "So say that you lost." "What mean?" Tang Yin says with smile:"At the beginning I and war tiger to war of time,
Louis Vuitton Leather Purses, 510 will with inside have already fought down he, but Wu Xiong and war tiger beat 50 will with didn't divide victory or defeat, you I compare with, is not" Did you lose?" Originally Tang Yin is this meaning,!Wu Guang this just understands Tang Yin why say that he or she lost. Tang Yin smiles to inquire about:"does not Wu Xiong believe me at the beginning to fight down him in 50 rounds,
louis vuitton outlet store?" This, Wu widely also really doesn't dare to make sure, however Tang Yin is a county, the eyes of the masses are fixed on now under, think necessarily he also can't wild language.If come to talk about from here, oneself still really loses to raise for Tang Yin Yi. He silent short moment,, the arch hand says:"Adult, at under admit defeat,
discount new era!" Tang Yin's eyes a bright, a short moments didn't grind to a stop and cross-examined a way:"That can you wish wager to concede defeat?" Wu widely stared blankly to stare blankly and immediately and silently ordered to nod. Tang Yin's indetermination of ask a way again:"Is the big industry of Wu Xiong Jia big,can really endure heart?(Come?)Does the regardless of family possessions since then join the army?" Wu widely on the contrary smiled at this time, the positive color said:"In fact is descending to early there is idea of joining the army, the industry of in home, hasn't been putting as well in the mind, be very grateful for adult can see at under, at under wish with adult before the saddle horse after,, go through fire and water, regardless the sacrifice!" He this words pour condition words not.Wu is widely from and rich family big door, but breadth of view far ambition, the breeze country is greatly disorderly now, he
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