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lancel �Хå� Is dizzy badly
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TOPIC: lancel �Хå� Is dizzy badly

lancel �Хå� Is dizzy badly 11 months, 3 weeks ago #28812

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Once warned me, hospital discharge behind must calm down to keep a period of time, otherwise even if the spirit is all right, the body also wants to can not stand of, can I arrive well, the hospital didn't leap less 跶 and returned to northeast from Peking first,,
lancel �Хå�, then again get to Shanghai, at last and directly come to France, although on the map see not how far, take airplane a pretty quick of, but, sometimes differ ……descend aero of the time is a morning, this meeting again directly and suddenly and violently insolated the sun bath in more than two hours, can insist now connect my own shocked.
Is dizzy badly, straight-tempered bottom sits at ground up, force the dint of making use of water revolved 1 turn in the body and banished the hot idea in the body,
lancel in london, however although the solution goes to and suffers a sunstroke status,,the blood vessels in the body is irritable painful,, originally already the dry and cracked blood vessels be directly broken through, very not easy accumulate all of the dints of water that the Zan gets up to throw to the winds, the in a short time wants to recover to say almost impossible, no wonder that have no the Buddhist monk warn again and again I this time could not come out critical point between life and death don't use the dint of water.
At the moment of although I outside look and still keep being like a normal person, however inside the body have already become a pot of gruel indiscriminately, split from the blood vessels the dint of water for overflowing has no regulation in the body of crazily disorderly string of, this is the not just the most what a mess, if the dint of just single water I also can't thus sad, is a time I solve and seal in response to the working properly of dragon Hui soul on Mount Taishan, that guy but absorb the dint of several ten thousand yearses of the sun,
lancel shopping bag, is plusing me to just suddenly and violently insolate for two hours in the outside, the temperature of the body form far Gao and the temperature of internal organs,
lancel bags uk, there was still at first the stipulation of blood vessels, both can live together peacefully, can now blood vessels damaged, two natural rivalses start dividing the line and have site in the body.
Burst, I wipe the blood stain of corner of mouth, strong from propped up not to make oneself fall flop,, after fearing to fall flop at also the station didn't get up.
The 珮 is good to secretly draw back the dime of curtain, see I sit on the ground, the facial expression isn't obviously normal, momentary even if worry and is anxious,
lancel paris handbags, at see my corner of mouth's hanging is also an at a loss what to do after the blood stain, temporarily want down but again to feel so under seem to be a bit not satisfactory,
handbags wholesale.
"Your boyfriend seems to be not too to, you still descend see well, if for a long time suffer a sunstroke to can not get to alleviate a person is a very easy shock of, even may cause life dangerous, he stood more than two hours,, believe also quickly arrive extreme limit, you have what matter soon afterward at solve, otherwise true what accident you regret all too late."珮 Good rommate's Anna tooks a look building
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