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TOPIC: drilled machine to work for two minutes

http://lvhandbagssalecanvas.we​ drilled machine to work for two minutes 11 months, 2 weeks ago #45692

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Is the tube to which go which industry,
Doctor Tang has already started to drill machine, the noise combines not too and greatly.In times before from drill machine Ming card up can see, it is similarly produced to Martin's company.With making the heavy weapons, big gun and guided missile is lord industry of super company, do so a set Be small to smallly drill machine, really is that the big material is small to use.So, the quality that drills machine and auger needs not a doubt.
Those powder,, just common of be broked off by the auger of limestone, have no different.
My standing is drilling a machine behind and far and far looking at moreover two black holes, being considering to want don't climb into the entrance to cave probes into for a while, suddenly and drills machine suddenly one earthquake, accompany with Doctor Tang's one strange call:"-"
Drill machine and then stopped a work immediately after, Doctor Tang stares blankly a ground of station at drill the operation set of machine flank,,
Lancel Purse, silent have half for minute,, fiercely Gao Ju Shuang's arm, excitedly shout loudly:"Broke through to break through ……"
Is really not false, drilled machine to work for two minutes, have already opened the first hole, the thickness showed to six meters.
All people without previous arrangement put on an anti-virus mask and open the switch of oxygen bottle, only Bo Lun Lang full face the despise ground embrace arm to stand over there and take to haughty airly look sideways facial expression.
The auger takes out back, the great time finally arrived and believed that ground's monitoring the personnel in the room will be similar to us, the mood is different excitement.
Everybody is retreating, leave that entrance to cave to probably have 20 meters.
The tunnel inside is placed in absolutely silent status at this time,
louis vuitton handbags outlet, owner all as far as possible the Bing live breath, not dare to send out any voice ring, imitate Buddha entrance to cave of another part hide the prehistoric the most fierce different monster,, at any time all may from that entrance to cave in stretched out Jue person huge claw.Is hard to make what people believed BE, take out a time along with the auger, the entrance to cave inside slowly projects together warm light, the beginning is thin yellow, immediately after change into a golden color, tunnel both sides ten meters inside exaggerate into one to show off purpose golden color,
l0uis vuitton handbags.
"God, light …… unexpectedly have light ……" slices Ni at nearby, I call with a kind of incoherent talk low voice of dreamlike sort,
handbags wholesale.
The pyramid is placed in complete closing status, since the ray of light that isn't likely to receive to come from the sun,, again can't automatically give out light-how may have light?
Is long to reach after the telescope in half an hour prognosticate, spread iron Nuo in interphone suppress don't live of chagrin:"Wild Sir in the valley, if have no different, I hope that you keep on carrying on exhumation work quickly.Everyone is to come to explore last home,, anything but come to make sight-seeing trip of-"
Be used as an iron blood soldier, her common sense completely limits in the frame of "put together to make an effort to complete a task" and just ignore the back of the stone wall to have
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