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TOPIC: the Gu isn't worried."

http://new-era-style-hats-chea​ the Gu isn't worried." 11 months, 2 weeks ago #28884

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Eat again?"
Leaf You however saw the eye breeze feather Ming, became overdo"a short while at make them take!This meeting first don't ."
"Has not loving imperial concubine's body recovered from illness?"
Hear this lord servant 2 people's dialogue, the breeze feather Ming pours is have already thought of the advice that Wang Yu cures again.He is to sincerely love leaf You however, he can not take her health to play trick.
"The minister Qie doesn't fight to excel and ate emperor so much good thing, but still like bad."
"BE be not checks a case Be getting more tired for this period of time, if Be getting more tired, thoroughly take a few days off, the Gu isn't worried."
"Thank an emperor to take pity on, but minister Qie since said and handle affairs for emperor, how can fish to insolate a net for two days for three days again!This not is be ungrateful to an emperor?BE saying, the wise imperial concubine empress' bodies still put in the icehouse, is also not simply honest and kind to the wise imperial concubine empress like this.The minister Qie got this legal case now, have to thoroughly beg for justice for wise imperial concubine empress."
Leaf You however say the time of this words, appearance very sincerity.Seem she really has no the selfishness of a little with all strength of at check a case general.
"Love what imperial concubine said is also, the wise imperial concubine's body if like this have been putting in the icehouse is not that one thing either.Be about to arrive year end here,,, always can not give way to good men an imperial concubine even this year also lead not like be.See to Gu recently is busy Be getting more careless, almost give° this matter to forget.O.K. have the love the imperial concubine to remind,
Wholesale New Era Hats."
This where is leaf You however of the good heart remind!She clearly has ulterior motives, if the body that have been staying a wise imperial concubine doesn't incinerate.So wise imperial concubine the secret on the body perhaps which day be made public,
l0uis vuitton handbags.Thus, the dead is much more than a king exquisite, there is also her this positive beauty,
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The sun in afternoon didn't is excessive long, seem to be really to have no energy.Sit in the yard, not only only could not feel a warm, but also feel the repeatedly cool idea that the light breeze once kiss after on the body,
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"Young lady covers with a clothes!If a short while write cool, it is a condition to fear will again and again."
"The servant girl that this is the breeze feather Yi your home to come!"
The breeze feather Ming looking at a Cui wisp, the young lady,, this form of address being oddness very much, guess should be a Rui south Wang Fu's person.
"Look after a person to also still be regarded as elaboration yes, return be really appreciate Rui south Wang Ye, willing to give up marked so personal son to send to me here, if not that she, my disease afraid is also very not so of quick."
Hear leaf You however mouth inside speak favorably to the breeze feather Yi of words, more or less of, the breeze feather Ming is still a bit not happy.No matter how it is say, ever a period of time, leaf You however is life at Rui south Wang Fu of,
louis vuitton scarves.Now, although the person is his, but.He still worries being worried that her heart can't be his,
So over several years, the breeze feather Ming has never worried what.Always, he thinks and only have
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