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TOPIC: this you are also a method use"

http://whosellslouisvuittonhan​ this you are also a method use" 11 months, 2 weeks ago #28814

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 "This is mixing a dollar sign, this sign contains the dint of nine kinds of God's ways, thunder and lightning, cold ice,, very hot fire, smash, black hole, to only, always dark, deadly poison, dissipation
This sign sends out, world nine change, can control 100,000 inside world, however this sign need you to attain immortal state at least, birth divine power,, so as to control, this you are also a method use"
Then introduce the third:
"This Yue inborn form breaks body sword, form color, voice interest,
handbags gucci, the keenness first , after sending out to, cuts open creation
This sword,
louis vuitton authentic, you can not also control and need to attain to mix a dollar state at least, so as to control"
Continue to introduce, introduce each time a , the square rather takes out 10,
handbags wholesalers,000 absolute beings crystal, this is the rules, can not fee
Many absolute being machines, square rather 90% is a control not, don't can is used by he, exactly, this is ten rank absolute being machine square rather however is a saint area state the first heavy, depend on his real strenght, can hardly urge these absolute being machines
In fact these absolute being machine, be drove, and then had what meaning, the square rather has already had the blade of judgment day, the blade of judgment day cans not do it of affair, use them to also can not do it
The square rather shakes the truth, he wants an assistance very much of ten rank absolute being machine
Oneself wants to want to rise saint area state have to the shot kill many immortal absolute being 祇 , but that immortal absolute being 祇 is so easily can with that the shot kill,, hand over face to face, square rather and basically be not to, unless sneak in the other party absolute being country, smash the other party absolute being country just probably the shot kill immortal absolute being 祇
But that flows a rock to be just accident, that immortal absolute being 祇 will make the square rather get into his/her own absolute being country, that and commit suicide similar so basically have no probably, how can this do?
At this time, green light Zu teacher introduction way:
"Diagram too very this is the absolute being lord golden light refining, is lending support to extremely valued, declare world first absolute being repeatedly diagram, can depend on it to deploy a big, in those early years golden light absolute being lord be leaned against this too very diagram, deployed the golden light of belonging to oneself, put out to kill count strong enemy
In fact we are this golden light region, most the beginning is to lean against too very diagram, just can deploy, afterwards the big has results to show, this too very diagram lose function, just be accepted to getting up, be used as award for merit, give younger generation"
This words a, square rather eyes are bright
Diagram too very, golden light big those early years golden light absolute being the lord is to lean against this too very diagram, deploy big of golden light, put out to kill to count a strong enemy
Golden light?This isn't the evil clan 55 golden light in the saint Dianses are unique?Now that golden light absolute being lord can, why I can not
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