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sac lancel 1er flirt but inhospitality etc. person
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TOPIC: sac lancel 1er flirt but inhospitality etc. person

sac lancel 1er flirt but inhospitality etc. person 11 months, 1 week ago #82475

  • bagyfbsj07
Even if understood to come over, what old man points was he or she to get into this to gather to work properly a big in.He is tiny to nod, immediately oneself from gather to work properly a big of treacherous acts after coming in of process, said 1 time in detail.Only,, he finds out he two big the affair of the interleave, say is unintentionally drop down overhanging cliff, just got into a big.
Finally, the Xing Ming says:"When I wake up, already the body was here!"
The old man is meaningful to smile to order to nod, said:"The small friend is really in fortune lap, unintentionally and unexpectedly can also get into this to trap a fairy in.See, those friend of yours, control breath equally not bad!"
The facial expression of the Xing Ming immediately on changing, immediately tiny tiny on smiling, say:"The elder generation is really insight like torch,
sac lancel 1er flirt!"
The meaning of the old man words inside again understand however, even if oneself is unintentionally flop overhanging cliff, just got into a big, but inhospitality etc. person, is also unintentionally flopped overhanging cliff?This was too and strangely fits some!
The old man says with smile:"!Wu, from your body of worked properly dint motion to saw, but is very special, unexpectedly used to work properly dint to nourish acupuncture points, seem is considered as body a big come to self-discipline, What a special self-discipline method,
lancel bags new york!Should belong to Shinto.Small friend, you come from which noodles?Is a fairyland, still absolute being boundary?"
The Xing Ming is immediately frightened matchless,
maroquinerie, shockedly looking at an old man, "you how can anyone know my self-discipline method,!"
This is really to make him shock too much,, the old man is just one eye and unexpectedly saw through own everything and even connected own self-discipline method, and the secret also having no can talk!
Old man ha ha smile, "small friend, these 3,000 worlds,
lancel suitcase, numerous noodles in, but the self-discipline of martial way is a different roads lead to the same goal, all one negative sky of of road!Your self-discipline method, although is a bit unusual, is also ten thousand become not to leave it to believe in!"
The Xing Ming stares big eyes,
lancel bags price, say:"3,000 worlds?!Numerous side?!"
The old man is beaming with smiles, say:"Ha ha, small friend, you come from which noodles?!"
The wry smile of Xing Ming wrote to shake to shake head and said:"Do not deceive elder generation, I really don't know have what noodles, just just once heard fairyland in the rumours.As for absolute being boundary ……smelt more don't smell!"
In his heart but don't already is doubt, what old man says'Shinto', ' noodles'and'3,000 worlds', he is to smell don't smell.But can listen to from the old man's words inside, these affair,, seem to be with oneself to have a certain relation,!
"So that's why!The "old man ha ha on smiling,
lancel 1876 prix, " small friend should be from a lower noodles, but
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