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TOPIC: bagswholesalewithme8544

bagswholesalewithme8544 11 months, 2 weeks ago #66070

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"Back then,toms ballet flats, as now, dad is kind of peony." Lei Xu Ming squint squinting, the wind is too comfortable, and really want to lie down on the way to go.

"Remember that time I say it?"

"I remember." Lei Xu Ming think back, smiling, "Dad said, flowers and people,toms sale, have feelings. To really a flower kind of good, you can only kind of a flower,toms for cheap, its single-minded, but from a finally, as to treat the same feelings. "

"Yes ah " Lei Rudong take the hat violently with air, "Sometimes I think I told you not too demanding, and taught from childhood that you are not wrong?"

Lei Xu Ming bow smile, but also to the point of it?

"Boss you tell us something "

"Dad just like mom a lifetime regret it?" He suddenly asked.


"I did not, whether a person is like, or like a person after the end now,toms canada."

"But you said you did not even win Big Brother "

"Dad, I'm not involved in feelings of sexual gratification. Love is not invincible, that all feelings are vulnerable should not test. Yes, I know in my condition, if the force involved, may be able to feel for her, but that only make her upset. emotional world, three too crowded,toms outlet, I would rather farther. "

"Yes �� yes,toms for cheap." Lei Rudong cramped nod. Not involved in feelings of sexual gratification ah then he and Airan things really have impact on his or ah

Could not bear to watch his father do not know what to say embarrassed look, Ming Lei Xu slowly opening: "Dad, you do not worry, big deal I promise you, although I can not take the initiative to find yourself tempted people, but if you encounter a I must take. "

Can encounter it?

Oh, this is not saying he believed in himself.

Some people a lifetime does not get one for a while, how will he will have a lucky two?

He did not stay home one night, the city went back to their own hotel, ready to pull the afternoon things were disposed of.

"I know how the Yongzheng died?"

Lei Xu sudden the words to leave the computer out of sight toward the door came the sound, they saw Ray Xu Yang wearing Western-style white silk shirt,toms canada, three buttons on most did not buckle, neck line of black leather cord, tight black jeans, leaning against the door lazy.

"I dazzled you, actually twice a day can see you." Lei Xu Ming replied, the table filled with cookies shook out the plates, indicating Lei Xu Yang put up their own, in turn focus from computer accounts, "Brother, I'm not interested in dead."

"I do not much interest." Lei Xu Yang shrugged his shoulders and walked over put that dish, "but you go on like this I think you may be going to see him."

"Brother, you know, the date of completion of the day thing is my habit."

"You will do this, I think 'Seven Angels' is only one boss you." Lei Xu Yang venue to the sofa, grabbed the remote control to turn on the TV,cheap toms, 10 pm, is the city news broadcast time.

"Sister-in-law drive you out of it? Young master actually make you mine finally remembered that he is free to 'Seven Angels' boss?" Ray Xu Ming cool lip lift ridiculed Road.

Uh this is not his focus today to the good. Lei Xu Yang some awkward Momobizi, remembered that he seems to be some time did not care about the business of the shop: "Ray two young master, we do not discuss this."

Lei Xu Ming finished last a trial, release the mouse, decided to sell his brother a face: "Well, brother what you want to discuss?"

"Discuss your kid is not working too hard for."

Lei Xu Ming some funny to see him: "Brother, are you worried about? Afraid that someday I suddenly vomiting blood lying on the table any sleep can not afford it? Modern medical progress than many of the Yongzheng time."

"Your sister in law is very worried about you." Lei Xu Yang casual than the ratio. Tell the truth, right, is his wife forced him to come. Well, think about it, actually care about other men, their wives, even their own brother, or feel uncomfortable. He fiercely bite the mouth biscuits, "taste better and you do not like is not always sweet?"

"Kitchen just launched dessert, just try to help you." Lei Xu Ming hanging eyes, slender finger stroked the table unconscious paperweight marble panther,toms ballet flats, slightly self-deprecating again out loud, "I am falling out of love and not terminally ill, not to mention five years have been aware of their romance. "

"Five years is the only worry,toms sale.'s More recent See you guy very quiet morning, the dead look."

Had to refute, but think about it and he said that perhaps the right. Lei Xu Ming Shu long breath, shoulders one down, leaned back: "Well, I admit, there is." Five years ago they gave up, but the time difference between the brain and heart have not yet adjusted to the present, awareness of abandoned, mind waiting until she was engaged to confirm not really aware of the opportunity, will be a heavy blow, blow to he felt that he recently had some cynical.

"Better off a fake?" Lei Xu Yang is very comfortable on the sofa, crossing his hands behind his head, watching TV just recommendations.
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