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I?I returned to just just enter door."
Leaf the sound bamboo smile way:"Did not relate to!My unable to do your teacher, am I still far inferior.However,, you have what problem can also ask me, as long as is that I know."
"Thank you, you are really a good person.Just they so laugh at you,, you didn't get angry."Blue face of Xi Qiao tiny and red and soft-voiced way.
The sound bamboo wry smile way:"Is not not angry, just the their words is some me ain't very understand."
The blue Xi vomited to vomit a lovely small tongue, way:"Just your courage well big!Incredibly call Ni friendship director's grandmother, don't you know that she most dislikes that the other people say her the youngest one?O.K,
lens for oakley sunglasses. your piano plays well, otherwise can hardly select."
Sound bamboo surprised way:"BE,
gucci factory outlet?I don't know!"
Blue Xi's showing unintentionally is vanquished by him of facial expression,, "you can't not know anything.You before coming to examine, haven't investigated evil college force of Milan?You don't tell me you to know not a thing to here."
The sound bamboo hard ordered to nod, "I really don't know!"
The first gathers evil master's chapter 8 of piano to register dispute(two)
Today's chapter 3 came and bothered the book friends to collect, vote!
The Qian of the GuZhen female the ghost song have been already welled spread, everyone can listen to, address:Http://.the dyshow.n e t/Us e rPag e /1/usiPlay,
The blue Xi Wu wears a small mouth, way:"Lauding a method is blue!Originally you really is ……,, all so can pass examination, you are also really lucky, what you choose is an absolute being sound to fasten, we the absolute being sound fasten a person little, opposite come to say that eliminating a rate is still a little bit low.Is other to fasten of eliminate rates all very high,
lv messenger bag.Come to Milan annually evil force the college register of the person have 200,000 at least, but the end admits of always all didn't more than 2,000 people,
lancel handbags for sale,, these are several centesimal rates.The Milan is evil force the college is totally divided into south north two areas, south the area is a warrior area, all professions that have relation with fight are over there.We the north area this place is a sorcery area, the profession of each master who fasten is here.In spite of is south an area still a north area, teaching area all at college internal and central district.Trying of outer circle then each profession does a field.The road of of not so bad teaching area is still nearer, otherwise we go to from a place another a
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