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TOPIC: cheap3231

cheap3231 11 months, 2 weeks ago #66055

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He approached the cold simply forgot to say earlier alert, in his nearly three feet away from the cold, cold suddenly leaned in the hands of a dagger pointed at Zhang Yusheng throat, she shouted: "Do not rely on over!"

This case is also unexpected sudden change Zhang Yusheng, spent a few seconds before asking: "how do you, what happened?"

"I'm fine, something the person is you! Because you damn!" Cold eyebrows glaring, teeth pop out such a sentence.

Zhang Yusheng This unusual to see the ugly face cold, heavy breathing! And her eyes on fire's still with almost fiercely, this is how the eyes ah! The cold looks like this is so terrible so terrible! Zhang Yusheng I do not know why a few steps back. Sword, but cold pressed. Zhang Yusheng flash, is it! Must be the blue sky to force her to do so. Know that blue sky is not Qingrao her. Sure enough, everything come true!

"Is the blue sky do not want to force you to do things right?"

Cold silent

Zhang Yusheng hundred percent identified is to it. "Well a blue sky, she is an outrage, and I now kill her."

He was angry to find blue sky afterwards, because she so cold by the torture. Unexpectedly, the venue just a cold that will be as strong Jianqi kill on video. Yeah! Zhang Yusheng first one-sided escape this trick.

Yes! Kill! Now only a little blood in order to stop her going crazy emotions. She waved before roar Yu Zhang,cheap toms, a misty green gas bottle should be from the palm,toms canada, which sandwiched a staggering amount of underlying strength Manjuan beat out fierce Road staggering potential. Zhang Yusheng already too late to prepare for the palm & feel like lightning, blood rushes air turn. Soon it be to God,toms canada. Looking dazed cold. "You crazy?"

"Yes, I'm crazy! Are to be crazy for you." Shout slogans almost out cold. The thought of Zhang Yusheng married to another woman and she was piercing, terrible assassination of bone pain,toms for cheap! Pain to die immediately wished he could. When she fell into this trap of love this person long after the marriage suddenly found How can we not jealous when she is not crazy? When she saw the woman with the rain Zhang Yusheng cuddly, she can not help crazy? Although not hear what they talk about the heart, but she must guess Zhang Yusheng activity. Zhang Yusheng at the moment is still confused, do not know when it offended the King ancestors. Body flexibility and movement without direct confrontation with the cold,toms outlet, except only to endure. "Cool girl quick stop! Why you made such a big fire? You say ah."

Proximity to advance Kuaiyu cold lightning, palm,toms ballet flats, refers to Zhang Yusheng hook non-stop attack. Should the situation,toms for cheap, should the acquaintance, this will not be what you want to wait for true love. She can not control himself more and more the more that she cares about Zhang Yusheng. What to write to say what the spectrum of Bing Xin are willing to protect themselves, now they have become the greatest irony. Cold heart began to complain, his own confused how to Gan Xinshou willing to pay? He was feeling crook!

Cold, regardless of repeated indiscriminate attack power, making Zhang Yusheng to protect themselves can not give way, and he made a final warning. "You play really? Really want me to life? Do not stop I may be necessary to fight it!"

Is sensitive to cold at the moment impulse, she not listen to any sub-word phrase, however, this 'play' word has provoked a greater intention to kill her, he had everything that was in play! Had taught her how to bear,toms for cheap?

Cold only want to fall upon Zhang Yusheng also easy to use absolute, and she bent to let Zhang Yusheng taste bitter taste. She dropped the dagger waving ribbons,toms ballet flats, along with several mysterious Magic hidden issue. I did not realize it at this critical juncture, the cold suddenly change your mind. A move, "Chan spinning day," then immediately resorted to, the other side of the ribbon wrapped Zhang Yusheng feet. Li Zhang Yusheng this area are asked to take a good stumble to the ground far, while avoiding the hidden needle just mysterious. Zhang Yusheng stood up and looked cold shock.

"Where I offended you?"

To the imminent death do not know where to offend people, he really will be the fool! Cold that just want to go out of anger has been ignited. She transported the full force ribbons, such as snake-like sliding waving like to devour Zhang Yusheng. Fortunately,toms sale, she has not used this mysterious hidden inside the needle attached. Zhang Yusheng never use gravity diversion of half a step this side of a grasp of the ribbons. He no longer do a silent lamb.

Ah! Cold with a ten foot layer of skill Zhang Yusheng remain absolutely still. No matter how she Torah will not help.

Cold anxious shouting: "Zhang Yusheng I hate you! I hate you! I never liked you!"

Outburst we know is admitting their guilt. Equal confessed. Excessive force while two are overburdened ribbons will be disconnected from. Not cold to the back to stabilize the body. Zhang Yusheng timely Feizong a pull right over the left part of the natural cold fall into his arms.
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