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TOPIC: "Liu Yu's chief

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The intense emotion came up, generation son but dream already a long time, unless eyes near sight, perhaps he once was a members in it as well.However cloud floats in the sky now from among this morely realize is the use of power, want a not big chief and then can take care of so many people, if larger officer again how a kind of situation.And what they took charge of almost be living to kill big power.Remember ever friend once said with him, played in the formal soldier in,,
nfl replica jerseys, the quota that each regiment had 4 to allow sacrifice,, by that time if see who with a revolting feeling, that not just the dead settled.
"Leave, we go first to beat hello with their chief."Pushed a to float in the sky cloud in the behind at the sea.
BE saying, join the army to come out one inside school in 3 F mansion beside the camp, estimate to is the representative director of this army camp, probably is hear the report of Wei in the door expeling.
"Ha ha, is older than you but the sparse guest ah, what breeze blew you to come here, is not in advance either to beat hello, turning head you can from punish three cups,"One obedient sound knows this lieutenant colonel to is also a simply person, persons in fact coming out in troops all so, knead here at the out of fashion Niu Niu.
A bear embraces,, the in that manner is like a nelson of, cloud simultaneouslying looking at's floating in the sky to pour is one Zheng, dark way:Don't give° the waist to make to fold.
"Come, old Liu, I took a friend for you to come over, I but receive order to accompany he plays of, today's task is to make him give to play like, if have one silk disaffection, I go home not give an account."At the sea an once pulled cloud to float in the sky:
"Liu Yu's chief,, the host of this site, today we can play good whole depend he."Say to chief Liu again:
"Cloud floats in the sky,, the pupil of my father's families closely related, don't see him small, is a small great physician, the disease of old man in my house if not that does he can also be not definitely good."
A words say of cloud float in the sky some blush with shames, in fact at the disease of old man he is to contribute a little true spirit, so-called medical skill, that is to don't express at all.However, this words also definite, there is no his true spirit, old medical skill king again high, also make uncertain is older than the disease of head.
Looking at some surprised Liu Yu, cloud floated in the sky to come forward to hold to start with him and said with smile:"Chief Liu good, younger brother cloud floats in the sky, in a short while still please take care of much and more."
"How are you, how are you!"Liu Yu did ground to say a few words, he or contact the little youth of great physician two words and in fronts not to come up, fact cloud floats in the sky the statures in nowadays to no longer calculate short, one meter seven or so,
Baltimore Ravens Jerseys, however that side permit to look is how also the maturity was not.
"Like like, we go in to say again."
Once pulled 2 people to go toward at the sea
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