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TOPIC: Taking one silk Cang on Mo A great commander face is cool

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See a trace and shadow, listens to a part that adjutant,such as Hao, call general roars, "guard, be dead also want to guard for me!!!"
Take a burnt bright adjutant to by chance turn head on the face, but saw whole body Mo the color weighing the general of A.
Enemy's soldier that hopes that wave tide sort to continuously flow out, on that member great commander face but is still that thin settle of facial expression, seem the battle that necessarily hurts, and then will be the victory merit badge that he answered at the king next time.
"Take the offensive!"
"What?"That adjutant's one face imitates a Buddha to dare not believe what oneself hears shockingly.
That general but is to no longer realize that adjutant, turn round to stand down that.
Mo A grows knife, along with that city gate that slowly open,, gradual emergence at public at present,
"BE which member great commander, dare to take my life of iron tiger?", The Hun is thick of the voice mix up with Dou spirit,such as thunder, deep-fried in the sky ring, connect that continuous and never-failing offensive, imitate Buddhas all Zhi one Zhi.
However but is unmanned to echo, connect what that covered with to shout to kill a voice, all seemed to stop down,
"BE which member great commander,, dare to take my life of iron tiger?"The voice again rings out, but is taking some Cangs cool, " today the one who take my life is unexpectedly a thieves that is unknown to have no surname!"
Again separate very long, just spread one to sigh,
cheap hats, "once had never thoughted so for several years, you are still this appearance******"
"Ha ha******"That Mo A great commander generously and smile, " I then guess to is your this old guy,
Baltimore Ravens women jerseys, that wild country can lead troops of, also you can force to be regarded as 1,!"
"You is this why the need for again******"Seem to take a silk to feel sorry for in that voice, and then sink into dead silent, but is have no a voice again ring.
Taking one silk Cang on Mo A great commander face is cool, turn round to that many soldiers way,, "if fear to the dead, can send back to please in the city to decline, I iron tiger in no case blame!"
The combat for consecutive days is to let the face of those officers and mens up all was full of exhausted, however that Cang however of words stereo set's leading 3 times,
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youth football jerseys wholesale.
However a dead is just******
Under blue sky, that closely of soldier like a the pawn sort Be blunt to kill, then depart from this life.
The black soldier bearing arms soldier hoping to gradually approach, that general slowly raised that long knife.Under setting sun, the Jing of that black iron casts into of the knife noodles reflect a ray of light of light sting eye******
After death, but is to the utmost a to shoot arrows arrowy soldier to get down from that city wall and integrate into a silent troops of that brigade, double the eye hope front, some very
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