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lancel adjani bag beyond the horizon appear the sun and moon wonderful view from the same Hui
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TOPIC: lancel adjani bag beyond the horizon appear the sun and moon wonderful view from the same Hui

lancel adjani bag beyond the horizon appear the sun and moon wonderful view from the same Hui 11 months, 2 weeks ago #22338

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2 people figure, shake head to sigh.
Chapter 40, world
Close by the cope of night, beyond the horizon appear the sun and moon wonderful view from the same Hui, if isn't a setting sun to mapping one red glow at sunset, also really can not distinguish Chu which is the sun, which is a moon.In a monastic room of west monastic room, Guo Wei's negative hand but sign,
lancel adjani bag, looking at a country diagram of table,
lancel bags buy online, Ning eyes but think.After a short moment, Guo Wei Shuang eyes Shan is one silk countenance, turn round to tidy up a bowl of man in blue big Gua of chopsticks to say to the part:"Kuang Yin, come, see this country diagram."That man who wears blue big Gua lets go of bowl within hand chopsticks and arrives at Guo Wei's body side and settles certainly country diagram of lookinging at the table.Guo Wei lets in one side and says to him:"Lee keeps virginity that rebel group then to take strict precautions against in the opposite shore of this Yangtze River last-ditch, you to see, figure out one to break the enemy's method."That man ordered to nod, the Ning eyes looking at this country diagram, Guo Wei also not speech, just quietly looking at this man, wait for his answer.
That man who wears blue big Gua saw the half ring, but nod,
lancel handbags online, but knit the brows, sink to immerse among them.The effort that about drinks cup tea, Guo Wei's eyebrows is one Yang, the heart felt time about and then asked way to that man who wears blue big Gua:"How?Figure out what?"That man returns to body, the corner of mouth has one silk smile, and he says to Guo Wei:"General,, Yangtze River a take is easily offend difficult guard of ground, shore line in Yangtze River is so long, very difficult every party involved, even if Lee keeps virginity that ordinary person to send each defense line the soldier guard, also not necessarily so the troops is average, always have to separate a strong or weak.If we parties the soldier get a defense line to take turns false attack and meet an enemy and then escape and sound out the strong or weak of his troops, with disorderly enemy's heart.Then we send one squad person, Ma Chen Ye, the false attack enemy is weak of place, that enemy main necessity to aid.But our battalions then take advantage of an opportunity to rush through Du Yangtze River and round the rear of the enemy and take lights as number and attack from both flanks before or after,, that Yangtze River defense line then told to break.Although this way is some risks, is also have confidence most nowadays of can go it to account."
Guo Wei ha ha say with smile:"Ha ha ha ha, Kuang Yin, might it not be are you the tapeworm in the old man belly?Old man just think, then such as you just say,Ha ha ha ha, Not the Kui is Zhao Kuang Yin, not the Kui is my Guo Wei's right vanguard!"Zhao Kuang Yin listens to Guo Wei thus great he, feels ashamed, red the face say with smile:"General over praise, belonged to that son tiny end ability,, where can place on equal footing with general."Guo Wei shakes head to say with smile:"Kuang Yin, in front of me need not from the Qian, you have what skill the old man is to understand again however of.The old man has no son to have no female, these in the last years you follow me what the battle have never seen, old man usually will you and Li Da
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