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discount new era if again more cut and polish for a while
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TOPIC: discount new era if again more cut and polish for a while

discount new era if again more cut and polish for a while 11 months, 3 weeks ago #22277

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To do enough this matter is important, can in no way be bad on the our hand,, if Be free, you hurriedly attend to needs!"Guo Wen put to put a hand.
Chen Yang is also understand, this matter is completely doing to let internal person see.As for the person of outside don't know that Luo Meng has already been grasped.
After Chen Yang leaves, Guo Wen chokes to put out cigarette butt and picked up the ID card of tea side-table to enter among the underground passage.
"This boy, so long didn't come out, is really that did I see walk an eye?"Guo Wen doesn't believe that the Ruan wears in don't receive an order, just the other party was also reallyfoolish in the underground Xing building more than three hours don't come out and also really have no bottom in his heart.After all, they lead a layer to decide first, then notify,, there is compulsive sex meaning.
Soon arrive at a Xing door.Guo Wen made toward two armed polices for standing guard an expression of eyes, signaling hint them doesn't make a noise, and then and then the side ear listens,
discount new era.He really wants that what knowing that the Ruan wears is medium to exactly do in the inside.
The ear tightly sticks in the door, inside some small and weak voices spread.
"Ha ha, quite good, the power of understanding isn't general Gao,
lancel handbags 2013, the half an hour academic association blows a smoke turn not to calculate what, can learn me this set of for two hours'the stick stick arrest a hand', bedlamite, your his mama is really absolute being, Lao Tze did for living of four yearses, you were to do such cow B of two hours, if again more cut and polish for a while, that isn't outstripping me."
"What stick the stick arrest a hand, the name is suddenly so strange, this trifle is so simple, did you do for four years?"
Xing building's jailing the soundproof system of room does a good job.Don't stick a door to cautiously listen to still out of hearing.Guo Wen hears 2 people's voice, once the eyebrows lift and and then and then smiled.Is a leadership, the behavior bearing has already lost manner, however he on the whole is verified the guess in the heart.
Hesitated for a while, then call two young armed polices of front to oneself nearby, the ID card filled to one among those persons, and then small voice of hand over to treat toward 2 people some kind of, Guo Wen left.
In the room.The Ruan wears medium is just boasting with Luo Meng,
cheap 59fifty hat.
"Quack, this you can not understand again.The stick stick arrests a hand to be just the name that I at will call, this set of real name that engages in fisticuffs technical ability is to call'the army and police capture enemy Shu', very practical of, altogether is 36 sets of actions, I am to exactly do for four years."Make reference to this, the Ruan wears medium accept to shut up, facial expression not from some fall low.
The facial expression that sees him,, Luo Meng knows this words it's not false.However, the other party did arresting of four yearses' Shu to inside in the oneself's hand the study for only two hours will the whole set of action, and comprehend among them some essences and important point, really have some abnormal condition.This also no wonder that the Ruan wear medium greatly is fought.
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