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Dare to make these titles behind old Niang's back!Dare also repeatedly say to like me!Love me!Dog day of, don't know in the outside to make nuisance for others how much woman!Temple after still having incredibly big hospital!At the beginning I a see him be not what good thing, hum!I how so innocent?"
Chen Jiao Jiao is strong to suppress a fury, twisted a head to see one limitless.That guy sits upright over there and contain an one mouthful in mouth drumstick, hold a red wine cup all alone, raise cross-legged over there on shaking in a flash, have a liking for an appearance that owes to beat very much,, "wife!You order at once and play a songs to all whet so Ceng and put some light music!"
Dark way in the heart of Chen Jiao Jiao:"The offense certificate that after a while waits me you is found out, be seeing you dare also so overbearing?"
Chen Jiao Jiao's point opens a document to clip, the detection inside still has many sub- documents to clip, and the names that each document clips are a chemisette name:The Cang well is empty, rice island loves, cherry well ……
"Mother of!How to there is also Japanese woman?Piece limitless this dog day of,, incredibly romantic arrive abroad to go?"
Chen Jiao Jiao keeps in mind and annoys a curious about mood again, opened a document to clip with the hand point, in incredibly is a movie of department.
" Ah ah!This guy incredibly still plays a self-shot photo!Too abnormal condition!"
Chen Jiao Jiao stands on the computer front, the chest keeps rising and falling.
Finally, she stretched hand a point to open a movie.
The computer screen is abrupt however on changing, a glistening woman is riding or so sway on a men, the whole body is red*naked, the long hair floats in the sky,, the facial expression fan inebriates and continuously send out excited Shen*sing.
Chen Jiao Jiao's small face Shua ground is getting reder, spray the lens of blood to let thus she almost the faint is past.She haven't seen a lens like this since the childhood, at that moment is again an abashed Nan, and then is curious and incredibly stand Be getting more dejected over there.At present leaves that glistening woman,, and that has a liking for facial expression pain and sufferings,
Nike elite NFL jerseys from china, but equally send out a man who satisfy the moan.
Chen Jiao Jiao is on the whole understand to come over, this ……this is the legendary A*V movie!
"You ……you this abnormal condition!"The Chen Jiao bashful Qie sees limitless toward the piece.
The piece is limitless just the beginning still had some flusters, however the guy of this thick-skinned soon the town settled down.
"Wife, don't you want to play song?How to put small movie to add to the fun?Say!Do you exactly have scheme?"
The piece is limitless Be saying and walking to come forward.
"I ……I ……I ain't in the mood for!Who rare watch your small movie!~I ……do I just never see,
NFL Jerseys Outlet!"Chen Jiao Jiao's side says that the side hereafter backs, the computer inside isn't
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