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lancel luggage even if that person only the motive.
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TOPIC: lancel luggage even if that person only the motive.

lancel luggage even if that person only the motive. 11 months, 1 week ago #108050

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"Kill an idea very thickly, however only have already killed an idea, there is no real strenght still won't do."The bearer drama sends ground to looking at Luo breeze, " finally chooses for you of opportunity, this beauty is to living is dead here your all arise from one wrong idea."
" Breeze, if you dare to promise, I commit suicide right away."Moment, the leaf workses properly and then does decision, the Luo breeze is her man, her hero, her faith, always, the leaf works properly to all believe firmly, as long as the Luo breeze thinks of, he can definitely succeed.But she more clear, oneself is a Luo breeze is the only soft rib, is the life door of Luo breeze, as long as this person threaten again some kind of, the Luo breeze then will promise down.
The leaf works properly not to think because oneself lets Luo breeze Fan, and once promising down, the life and death isn't ownly controling inside, so, the leaf works properly prefer to he or she's dead, don't wish to see own three pure rascals that the men make terms with a mean shameless as well.
"Work properly son, you understood me too much."See the leaf work properly in the eye of definitely cut off of color, the Luo breeze the slightest can't doubt that leaf's working properly will choose a suicide, because she loves himself/herself, even don't wish to see oneself's compromise."Since it is so, that our husband and wife gives it a gamble for two todays, the enemy of clansmen has teddy boy to report, the baby also has little younger sister Wei to look after, and we can't leave a regret, either, even if we died."
Chapter 232:Crisis approach, iron blood dead fights(bottom)
Chapter 232:Crisis approach, iron blood dead fights(bottom)
"Ha ha, give it a gamble, you take what give it a gamble."Accompany with a laughing wildly of bearer, the Luo breeze suddenly feels the circumferential space broke out variety in this a moment, that unfamiliar space feeling, the Luo breeze understood too much, that was the strength of the realm, absolute strength.
"Now I change idea, such beauty, I must first enjoy well some kind of."The that person words sound didn't fall and then made an effort a to pull, will work properly a leaf to pull into the bosom in.
"The dead can't makes you succeed, either."However a moment, the leaf worked properly a dragon to turn, a ten few rices grow of the absolute being dragon burst upon, direct is crowded the house smash.
"Ao" clear Long Yin Sheng is full of the whole space and continuously pound at a bearer of dollar absolute being, but the margin of of Xuan fairy and fairy gentleman's destining a leaf to work properly is futile.
"Split to get empty nine claws, nine claws unite as one."The leaf worked properly Nu, her body kept belonging to Luo breeze, who dare to compromise her body, she will who die, even if that person only the motive.
Infinite wrath, kill an idea and fight an idea to remit to gather in nine claws, demolish, only demolish just can put on an even leaf to work properly the wrath in the heart, nine claws perfectly fusion, leaf's inspiration feels his/her own soul suddenly produce a kind of marvellous felling, square circle thousand meters inside of the fairy work properly of the spirit imitate Buddhas all at her
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