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lancel bag wolf in the sky again connect offend 36 swords
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TOPIC: lancel bag wolf in the sky again connect offend 36 swords

lancel bag wolf in the sky again connect offend 36 swords 11 months, 1 week ago #66053

  • wfumma4zg48
:"The result of end certainly was our three brotherses to drink up wine together.Ha ha ha, then we moreover stole one again altar the fresh wine infuse into,
lancel bag, from I secretly slip away into cellar to cover up like.You and two elder brothers ……"
The sword light is one Shan, such as the lightning flash once rowed, two shadow of human figure interleaves, the left Xiu of dog in the sky broke, but his words didn't break:"…… Watch over in the outside."
"Have you already been bothersome over?"Six words, 108 swords,
lancel travel bags price.Is many on dog face in the sky three scar formations.
"We were in fact very happy in those early years, be not?"Dog in the sky rises straight from the ground, the in mid air is inside out 36 turn,, averted from wolf in the sky of disorderly breeze sword power."I had parents in those early years, there is elder brother, there is also young nephew, your life is more satisfactory ……"
The sword long grass of dog in the sky turns to make a turn of silver light and unloads the sandstorm that the wolf sword in sky arise."You not only have the parents the brothers,
lancel bags price, but also have a wife of gentleness, cute and smart of …… !"The quarter of Cu Lai guards true spirit suddenly not after, jet one mouthful blood come,
lancel 70, but his sword still guards very tightly."……Cute and smart son,
lancel online.You don't know that I at that time can have more envy you."
Finish saying this sentence for sky the left hand of dog broke.
Wolf in the sky stopped sword, cold way:"I teach you the sword method of time how say to wear?With concentration!"
"Eldest brother, do you still remember to teach me the scene of sword method?"Take advantage o him to talk, wolf in the sky again connect offend 36 swords, harmed his left leg.
The words of dog in the sky but have no because of condition of the injury but interruption,, he continues to say:"From I how old beginning to wear?Forget, finish teaching my sword method each time, you would get into the Mt. Heaven deep place trace that explores blood sword."
The left eye of dog in the sky is getting blinder, the eyeball picks on the sword point of the wolf in sky.
"But, you didn't come back by time of engagement each time.Those day inside, the elder brother's wives will look beyond in the canyon every evening ……Hey!"Wolf sword in the sky harmed his throat, dog in the sky started discovering to breathe some difficulties, talk but will lead long pain vocal cord, but he still keeps continuing to keep on saying:"That scene, from I not that reasonable, had been keeping on till me to start to be reasonable.Two elder brothers want to protect family to leave a canyon.From 14 years old that year, do I start seeking you,
lancel 1876??For the sake of the elder brother's wife.However don't can find back you at a time.Is alas ……eldest brother, I how bring back you come,"
Finish saying this sentence, the breath of dog in the sky is suddenly of one Zhi, does dog sword in the sky drop on the ground, his right hand.
Wolf sword in the sky again stops, because Bo Kou of Cu Lai knows that he or she has already won."
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