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TOPIC: public wait forever to live etc. public wait forever to live etc. 11 months, 4 weeks ago #6913

  • yrejzvzc91
See appearance, the Ai virtuous moderate shell Lin reaches, should be to be more loyal to than him, yesterday and the hexangular clan king took place of affair, the those 2 people definitely momentary made collective report to him,, otherwise he can't seemed to be so, either dispassion.
These people in a short while see Han Shuo and in a short while see a soul clan hexangular clan king, all at wait for what, Luo in Keelung is even some anxious, see 2 people old to also beat not to get up, in the heart on moving, suddenly thoughted of what, suddenly the Jie Jie Yin says with smile:"2 should is old to know just to,, according to our understand, at the beginning pull to add inside the canyon in the tower,, two still once met, once took place some misunderstandings,, BE?"
And at the beginning what Han Shuo thought is similar,, Luo in Keelung also think that the hexangular clan king should can not distinguish a mankind's looks, so just evilly speak to remind, prepare to see Han Shuo bringing shame.
He these idea Han Shuo don't the meeting know?
"Hey Hey, quite good, be you pull to add a canyon in the tower of time, I with this really took place some misunderstandings."Han Shuo calm acknowledgement.
In the public heart a tight, imitating Buddhas to all anticipate will soon present to public of affair, a concentrates on of stare at a hexangular clan king of soul clan, wait for his to begin.They know this different clan person of bloodthirsty and heartless, there are basically no having scruples about of too many mankind, thinking of naturally he will definitely Ma Shan make moves to deal with Han Shuo.
Luo in Keelung more in the heart sneer at Die not,, once made moves in person to deal with a hexangular clan king with Pope together of he, compare who all understand hexangular clan king's fearfulness, seeing the good play will soon present to public,, he has already had some to fly off the handle the excitement in the heart,
Lancel Purse,!
However, public wait forever to live etc., the hexangular clan king is to abnormally don't make moves bloodthirsty rush toward Han Shuo, a public is with full intention interrogative, not understand hexangular clan king of exactly is just thinking what.
"The cloth Lai boon took your things, you not is have enemy?At the beginning you still once said with me, will definitely kill off his, how,
nfl jerseys china?"Is true to wait not bottom go to, Luo in Keelung have corpse exposed of remind.
Volume 5
Chapter 633 are you qualified?
"Big elder notices your wording!"Big fatty Pope unhappily reprimands angrily to a way.
Luo in Keelung at natural calamity church have been already had scruples about to Pope's heart, because the whole natural calamity church also only the Pope have and his equal real strenght, listen to him so on shouting, right away understand oneself talks of not satisfactory, just a little refrain from rash action some.
"He is stronger than me!"Hexangular clan Wang Wang watches from a distance Han Shuo, cold way.
"What, is he stronger than you?"Luo in Keelung gets a shock and had some to frighten into inaction, can hardly believe the words that Luo in Keelung says.
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