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TOPIC: which someone seek me

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Won my to account,, also some vexations, but can't, the guy that disguises as young master has already run to return to, the afraid of intelligence report has been already sent to this time!"I am very curious, why do you want to investigate me?I am just a common mercenary soldier."I ask a way.The male of ice-cubes is uncanny a smile:"I who is concrete don't know, anyway and above of meaning.You have already been been included in dangerous list by us, you well from is it,!"Say he then walking out of swagger.
"What mean?Why let me well from is it?"I the between forehead and brows Ning has a piece of big pimple.Suddenly, I thought of at the beginning time of arriving at this world, old president and I Be some kind of to is long to talk, that I knew in this world to there is still for the first time other China person's existence, that time, the old president says what at the beginning and not the Chen elder generation arrives of time time is a China people empire occurrence insurrection .Might it not be my arrival means China people's empire wants with France does the empire fight?Can this have again with me what relation?Because I am a gold Dou private?This basically doesn't is stained with a side?Still say to France and imperially want to keep watch on the gold class of people's empire of our China Dou a private above strong?
Calculate ……did not think, more thought more disorderly.The ship gets to Chiaotou to keep naturally and why the need for concern so many?They want, I immediately after would am,
cheap 59fifty hat!The in the mind had bottom to annoy also then no longer entertain foolish ideas,, order next the person tidied up well me to then start to leave a trading company.
Return to a castellan mansion, don't etc. enter a house, snow Lin then from the house inside hurtled out, an embrace me to say:"How to just come back?Want to die you!"I touched the back part of skull of touching snow Lin, wry smile not already, this wench stills really glues a person!To, snow Lin is also a sorcery teacher of gold class, if even I am kept watch on, that snow Lin meeting can't also"have in the afternoon what strange person to have ever sought you?"I the Fu bottom ask her.Snow Lin was slanting head to think along while and finally leap 1:"Have no!I today all has no a family for a day, which someone seek me?You say who meeting to seek me,"
"Have no good, is that I worried needlessly!"I crumpled the head of crumpling snow Lin and embraced snow Lin down then walk into a house in quick time.At present mainland situation like rising winds and surging clouds, always foolish here really be not what wise it raises, seeing to me must think a way return to one more in the school, at the beginning a lot of don't make an understand problem, now should the that time waited to ask that old president!Still have Mo Chen the elder generation, don't know that he still isn't in the star Luo's forest, always needs to find out him as well just like!Mo Chen's elder generation is whatever to say to all want to understand this mainland than me!Some matters still
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