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TOPIC: spread down from the in the book in thou of have two kinds of chain methods

http://youth-baseball-bats-who​ spread down from the in the book in thou of have two kinds of chain methods 11 months, 2 weeks ago #22245

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Outside.However wanting my aming true to at a stretch finish saying it isn't easy, the I says own feeling for a while.Gold Dan big way, gold, hard just permanence pretty good thing;Dan, successfully only clean have no the thing of Kui;The thou fairy lends an of gold Dan and really work properly clearly by Yu original circle of sex is also.This sex then be too very releasing a circle to feel in the scholar, at way the gold Dan.Although divides three, in fact one thing.The scholar fixs of then for the saint, release to fix of is then a Buddha, the way fixs of then is fairy.However is concrete how self-discipline,, spread down from the in the book in thou of have two kinds of chain methods, on being a body to fix, one is a machine to fix.The so-called body fixs, be regard as the person's body a stove Ding, pass as to it's toughenning of vitality absolute being, become gold Dan in the body internal chain thus;The so-called machine fixs and would is to ask for help of artifacts, medicine material, become Dan pill through a clear fire chain, taking can immediately achieve a big way.The in this world spreads mostly a machine to fix a secret, but the successful man has never smelt.Therefore,, the I inclines toward a body more to fix, but actually the body fixs a method door early lost, try hard to gain last a hundred years, still keep having no income.Is alas,!"
Say to say, old way not from thought of that the edges that oneself once cost about 100 years as well, unfortunately had no progress, and connected a big way of gold Dan didn't touch ……
Cloud floats in the sky a felling some be like to listen to a sky, book, he after ground cave, also have because of the body gold Dan to check a lot of books in the net.Regrettable that book absolutely isn't what person sees,
youth football jerseys wholesale, how all don't understand, also gradually give up, knowing this gold Dan isn't a bad matter enough, don't demand,, don't demand ……
Didn't expect realized book in the sky again here in the old way what kind of feel, however he how also surprisingly this"too very" is one phrase, incredibly use on the Confucianism body.Not is say that"too very" is the appropriation technical term of Taoist?However this question still keeps putting first, cloud floats in the sky to immediately after say:
"The way is long, if this gold Dan fix have what advantage again?"
This problem hides in cloud to float in the sky heart in already for a long time, finally unbearable today.The in the books that he saw online before said that only on getting gold Dan, that is already the fairy middleman, he is how all didn't believe, how did oneself become fairy?In addition to a little special ability, he didn't feel this fairy to still have what advantage at 1:00.It is said that fairy all in the sky, that how does he have no daytime to fly to rise?He asks out today be want to seek to is for a while to the person's study with a real research.
"The gold Dan becomes, half fairy body,, the chance and opportunity goes to, can rise a sky.This is me the teacher door to the description of gold Dan big way, however had concretely like gold Dan what change, that can not research."The old way remembers the this time words lousy familiar, unfortunately still people of the past talk, fly to cloud
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