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lancel outlet "The bear Kun is inclined to put on the belt the steel pipe in hand
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TOPIC: lancel outlet "The bear Kun is inclined to put on the belt the steel pipe in hand

lancel outlet "The bear Kun is inclined to put on the belt the steel pipe in hand 11 months, 2 weeks ago #22152

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"But ……" Ma Pan Yu talks again, suddenly the title says:"Elder brother Kun!Let me go!You are a captain, the troops can not have no you!This kind of risky affair makes me go!"
"Break wind!"The facial expression of bear Kun becomes very serious:"Is positive I am a captain, so I just can not shrink back!Now I as a captain order you, stay here, wait my news!"
Ma Pan Ji's way:"Captain ……"
"Do you want to defy to orderany?"The bear Kun asks.
Ma Pan closed lightly purse one's lips lips, "must be careful!"
"H'm!"The bear Kun point nods and returned to body to point to point five brotherses, " you!You,
lancel outlet!You!You!Still have you!Follow me!"
The bear Kun takes five brotherses and walked into a bedroom of the third floors,
A few guys of that bedroom think that the bear Kun wants to seek their troubles, "eldest brother, you …… we ……"
"Be quiet!We just lend a way!"Xiong Kun says.
Lend a way?!Those guys don't understand the ground looking at bear Kun, don't know what the bear Kun wants to do.
The bear Kun walks to the veranda in the side and open window to outside took a look.
The window outside has a suddenly of platform, follow the platform moves one meter many distances toward the right side, have a more robust sewer steel pipe, along that sewer steel pipe can climb to the veranda of the fourth floors.
The bear Kun silently practiced the whole process in the brain, in fact whole process wasn't complicated, mainly is see oneself having enough courage.As long as the danger stood in no fear of to fear to fall to the ground, climbing the fourth floors is what fees not much and strongly annoy.
Bear Kun whole plan to after death of five brotherses related 1 time, then asked those five humalities:"Are you frightened?"
5 people basically have no the slightest of hesitant, all without exception shook to shake head a way:"Is not afraid!"
"Good!"The bear Kun is inclined to put on the belt the steel pipe in hand,, " I didn't choose a wrong person!You can capture the fourth floors, see our this suicide squad!The brotherses encourage!"
The bear Kun stretches out a hand, five brotherses in succession cross palm to put off together, display their courage and decision.
"Set out!"
Bear Kun one makes next, in front turned over veranda,
throwback nfl jerseys, fall at the platform of outside up.
He the cat waist forward and quickly moved two, then thwart once turned body,, stretched hand to encircle the sewer steel pipe, then the Ceng Ceng Ceng ground upwards climbs.Underneath of the breeze blow to come up, the bear Kun deeply absorbed an one breath and arrived at the platform out of the fourth floor up,
Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys.Immediately after the station is started and turn over body to open from the fourth floors
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